Summer 2024
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This is Joy

Jeremy Ocanas on the climbing wall

“I love climbing, because it’s not something that only certain people can do, it’s something that everyone can do. Sometimes you’ll come in and you’ll see people of all different sizes, who come from different places, and they’re all doing the same thing – they’re all trying to get to the top.”

Jeremy Ocanas
Sophomore cinematic arts major

Abigail Curtis getting baptized

“This act of stepping out in faith brought me so much joy. I received so much love and encouragement from my friends both before and after I was baptized. It was so uplifting to have so many wonderful humans come to build me up and celebrate my Savior with me.”

Abigail Curtis
Sophomore music major and youth ministry minor

Chris Nickelberry causes a chemistry explosion

“I just love to learn, to be curious and try new things while your professors are there to help you. And they really get to know you as a person, not just as a student. They are really interested in what you’ve got going on outside the classroom. I feel like they care about you as a person.”

Chris Nickelberry
Senior biochemistry major, pictured with chemistry professor Carlisle Chambers

Anne McCook on stage in a red dress

“When I’m performing, I love how everything just falls away – you can’t see anything except what you’re doing. That makes it so easy to worship, because you’re not even thinking about the people in the audience. You just have tunnel vision, and it’s just about you and the Lord.”

Anne McCook
Sophomore engineering major and music minor

Mauhia Kimata smiles for a photo with his family

“Graduating and celebrating on the quad was filled with more excitement, love, joy and support than I could ever bottle up in those special few hours. Being surrounded by my family as well as the friends who have become my family was a huge reminder of God’s faithfulness to me during my time at George Fox.”

Mauhia Kimata
2024 graduate (biology)

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