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New Chapel on Schedule to Open This Fall

Recent visitors to campus can attest to the fact the university’s newest building project – a 7,000-square-foot chapel – is quickly taking shape. Construction is scheduled for completion in late spring, and a dedication ceremony is planned for homecoming weekend this October.

Professor Tim Timmerman and artwork

Professor Tim Timmerman prepares artwork for a mural in the new chapel.

In the meantime, work on artistic elements – including student-designed stained glass windows, a Celtic high cross, and a garden for prayer and contemplation – will continue over the coming year. Plans also call for a large mural inspired by Quaker artist Edward Hicks’ Peaceable Kingdom paintings – to be painted by art professor Tim Timmerman – to adorn panels that will hang on the chapel’s walls. Rather than depicting children, as Hicks did, Timmerman will paint students living peacefully among animals.

“As we eagerly await the opening of the chapel, I’m reminded of the profound impact such sacred spaces can have on fostering community, contemplation and spiritual growth,” says President Robin Baker. “The chapel represents our effort to create a sacred place of enduring beauty, where employees, students and alumni may experience the presence of God in new ways.”

Situated behind the Murdock Library, the chapel is intended to serve as both a space for spiritual growth and contemplation as well as a visual representation of George Fox’s unwavering commitment to a Christ-centered education.

Interior of the chapel

“The use of natural elements, the soaring height of the building and the location near the wooded canyon all provide a unique experience that will connect the community with God for generations,” Baker says.

The chapel and accompanying garden are being constructed thanks to the generous contributions of donors.

Chapel Prayer Dedication

In February, students gathered for a prayer dedication ceremony for the new chapel. University Pastor Jamie Johnson led the group in prayer, then students took time to write prayers and Bible verses on the cement floor.

Watch video: Students Gather To Pray Over New Chapel | George Fox University
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