Center for Global Studies - George Fox University
Center for Global Studies - George Fox University
Center for Global Studies - George Fox University
Center for Global Studies - George Fox University
Center for Global Studies - George Fox University

Study Abroad for a Semester

Before you change the world,
let the world change you!

Prepare to thrive in an ever-changing, global world.  Don't just read about other cultures - experience them firsthand.  George Fox offers over 30 programs in 25 countries.  Check out all of our programs and come by the Center for Study Abroad offices to find out more information about the opportunities that are available.  These are truly life changing experiences.

Gilman International Scholarship Program - The Benjamin A. Gilman International Scholarship Program offers grants for U.S. citizen undergraduate students of limited financial means to pursue academic studies or credit-bearing, career-oriented internships abroad.

Veritas/ISA Diversity Scholarship -ISA/Veritas offers this scholarship with $14,000 in awards annually to be used towards ISA/Veritas programs. The ISA/Veritas Diversity Scholarships aim to encourage students of a broader cultural make-up to participate in ISA/Veritas programs by offering funds to assist with the expenses of studying abroad.

Oxford Scholars Semester now has up to 25 awards of £2000 ($2700) each for students toward study at Oxford.  The awards will be given to students who are research assistants to faculty members chosen to participate in the new Bridging the Two Cultures of Science and the Humanities program. Click here for more information.

 George Fox Students awarded Gilman Scholarships


Joshua Cayetano ($8000) and Whitne' Moussan ($3000) were both awarded a Benjamin A. Gilman International Scholarship to study in Amman, Jordan with the Middle East Studies Program.  The Gilman Scholarship is offered to U.S. citizens who are undergraduate students of limited financial means to aid in helping them pursue international academic studies. Joshua was awarded the Critical Need Language Award. This award is offered to students who are studying a critical language deemed critical to the U.S. national interests. Joshua is a double major in History and Political Science. Whitne' is an International Studies major. The Middle East Studies Program is offered through George Fox by the Council for Christian Colleges and Universities.

George Fox Student Honored by the Scholars' Semester in Oxford ... Again


Scholars' Semester in Oxford honored George Fox student Anastasia Reinhart as one of the winners of the de Jager prize for exceptional academic performance during her studies in the Spring of 2016 at Oxford University. Anastasia is a double major in Computer Science and English and is a student in the William Penn Honors Program. This is the second time that the de Jager prize was awarded to a George Fox University student in the past two years. Anastasia states: From attending university lectures to drinking coffee in centuries-old cafes, I could feel myself becoming a working part of Oxford's vibrant, academic community in a way I had previously not thought possible. Through fellow students, professors, and immortal writers, Oxford has changed me in mind and spirit and continues to do so long after I left it.



Emily Lund as was also awarded of the de Jager prize  in the Fall of 2014.    Emily was a senior English major and Theatre minor.  Emily stated "that this was somehow not the experience that it could have been: far from it.  I had always thought the name "Best Semester" (the name of the CCCU study abroad programs) was a rather pretentious one for a study abroad program, but in my case it turned out to be true.  My time in Oxford was utterly transformative....."


Jennifer NewmanScholars' Semester in Oxford honored George Fox student Jennifer Newman as a winner of the de Jager prize for academic excellence.  Jennifer studied abroad in the fall of 2013 at Oxford University.  Jennifer is a senior Political Science/Philosophy Major.  In Jennifer's own words.....more


George Fox and LA Film Studies Student works on Syfy Channel movie:


Zombies: the buzzword for sci-fi drama this fall. SyFy has introduced a new show from the producers of “Sharknado,” set during a zombie apocalypse. A virus has spread throughout the country, wreaking havoc and destroying civilization. The only hope is to take a living survivor with the antibodies.......more

Vamos a España: Brutscher twins share study abroad experience




Sisters Brenna and Chandler Brutscher have a lot in common. Besides being identical twins, they are studying the same things—both are Spanish and Art double majors—and share a passion for travel. However.....more

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