Video Production


The Office of Marketing Communications primarily produces videos that serve two purposes: 1) support the university’s admissions efforts, and 2) elevate the university’s brand.


Videos are distributed via the university website, social media pages, email communication, online advertising, and on occasion, traditional TV. We target a wide audience that includes prospective students, parents, alumni, donors and other supporters of George Fox.

Department-Produced Videos and Outside Contractors

Because our production focus is narrow (admissions support and brand elevation), and because we have only one full-time video producer on staff whose production schedule is determined months in advance, it’s possible MarCom won’t be able to complete your department’s video request.

In this case you have two options:

1) Hire a cinematic arts major as a work-study student to produce your video.

2) Hire an outside contractor (freelancer).

In either case, the student or contractor must:

1) Connect with our staff videographer before production begins in order to learn about best practices and style guidelines.

2) Provide a finished draft of the video to Marketing Communications at least 72 hours before it is to be publically released so it can be reviewed for quality, messaging and to ensure it is on-brand (some exceptions can be made to the 72-hour requirement with time-sensitive videos.)

Marketing Communications reserves the right to stop the public release of any video content that it deems would detract from the university’s brand. However, this has never happened when a department works with us as described above.

Sounds like a lot of rules to follow, right? Not really. This will make your life easier. MarCom will take all the guesswork out of the video production process. We can provide logos, recommend good freelancers, connect you with film students, and ensure your video looks great and is on-brand. In many cases we’ll also feature your video on the university’s social media pages, amplifying your message to our 50,000-plus followers.

We want to work together to ensure you get the video content you need and that it also represents our university well.

To get started, simply email Jamison Loop at and we will walk you through the process.