Student Flexibility in Attendance and Assignment Deadlines


Some students have documented disabilities which include random, fluctuating, or cyclical limitations that can occasionally impact class participation, attendance, or completion of assignments or exams. Disability & Accessibility Services (DAS) determines that the accommodation is reasonable and helps facilitate conversations between students and faculty so that the accommodation does not fundamentally alter the course. This short video explains more about the importance of flexibility contracts, while this video gives some items to consider when completing the contracts. 

Contract for Accommodations Related to Flexibility in Attendance or Flexibility in Assignment Deadlines

Once students are approved for flexibility in attendance or flexibility in assignment deadlines and have requested the accommodation for a specific class, the instructor will be notified by email. The instructor will then need to complete the Contract for Accommodations Related to Flexibility in Assignment Deadlines or Contract for Accommodations Related to Flexibility in Attendance.

These contracts are intended to clearly spell out the expectations and to allow the student and instructor to have a shared understanding of the expectations. Once instructors are notified of this accommodation, they are responsible for it even if they delay in submitting the contract or the student does not contact them for conversation. Do not wait!


Considerations When Completing Contract

Student Rights and Responsibilities

Instructor Rights and Responsibilities