Academic Accommodations

Do you need academic accommodations for a disability? It just takes a few minutes to apply! Applications are accepted anytime.

Had accommodations here before? Email to reactivate your accommodations!

Procedure for Requesting an Academic Accommodation

  1. Fill Out the Application

    Register in the Accommodation Information Management (AIM) system by completing the New Student Application.

  2. Upload Documentation

    Documentation can be uploaded into AIM or emailed to Such documentation might include a completed DAS documentation form, medical documentation, individualized educational plans (IEP), 504 plans, cognitive or psychoeducational assessments, or other relevant documents.

  3. Meet with DAS Staff

    Schedule a meeting with DAS staff over Zoom or in person.

    Schedule meeting

Need housing or meal plan accommodations?

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If you have any difficulties, please contact Disability & Accessibility Services immediately.