AIM Student Resources

Disability & Accessibility Services (DAS) uses an online Accommodation Information Management (AIM) System to request accommodations. Several tutorials are listed below to help you navigate the system.

Using this online system allows DAS to give the best service to our students. If you need any assistance, please contact our office at

Logging in to the AIM System

AIM Sign-In Screenshot

After an initial meeting with DAS, you can log in to AIM by clicking on the Sign In button, then using your George Fox login and password.

Requesting Accommodations

  1. Log in to AIM. Select List Accommodations in the Navigation Sidebar and locate "Select Accommodations for your Class."List Accommodations screenshot
  2. Under "Step 1: Select Classes," check the boxes for each class for which you are requesting accommodation. Click “Step 2 – Continue to Customize Your Accommodations.”
  3. Under "Final Step: Request Accommodation for Each Class," select your accommodations for each class. When finished, click the button titled "Submit Your Accommodation Requests." Note: If the accommodation you expected is not listed under this section, please contact the DAS.
  4. If you entered any non-lecture classes, such as labs, in Step 2, you will be asked to confirm your accommodation requests for these classes.
  5. Check back after 1 business day to view the status of your requests.
  6. Use List Accommodations (link on the left) to view the status of your accommodation requests. List Accommodations can also be used to change or cancel accommodations.

Alternative Testing: Scheduling Exams

  1. Log in to AIM . Go to Test Accommodations in the navigation sidebar. undefined
  2. Select the class from the drop-down menu and click the Schedule an Exam button.

    Screenshot showing the schedule an exam button highlighted

  3. Fill out the exam details and services requested and click the Add Exam Request button.

    Screenshot with the list all exams button highlighted

  4. Go to List All Exams and verify your entries. To modify or cancel an exam request, click the Modify Request or Cancel Request links by the exam date.

    Screenshot with the modify request and cancel request buttons highlighted

  5. A reminder will be sent to you two days prior to the scheduled exam.