Housing/Meal Plan Accommodations

George Fox University is committed to making reasonable housing and meal plan accommodations for students with disabilities or medical reasons. 

A student may qualify for this accommodation if...
...the student has a documented disability (medical, mental health, or other concern) affecting housing placement or meal plan. For more information about service animals and emotional support animals in campus housing, see the ESA/SA webpage.

Procedure for Requesting a Housing Accommodation

Step 1: Register in the Accommodation Information Management (AIM) system. Go to
www.georgefox.edu/dso/aim, click the "Housing Application" button, and complete the application.

Step 2: Please upload a Housing/Meal Plan Accommodation Provider Form. Alternatively, if your provider prefers to write a letter, this document should include the disability/medical/mental health diagnosis and generalized needed accommodations. For example, a provider might indicate you need a location where you can access a kitchen, not that you need housing in specific campus apartments

Note: Students requesting a service animal (SA) or emotional support animal (ESA) in campus housing should provide the additional documentation listed below:

Step 3: The Disability Services Office will contact you if more information is needed or to notify you that your request has been approved.

Step 4: Upon approval of your request by the Disability Services Office, communicate with the Office of University Housing (housing@georgefox.edu) to discuss specific accommodation arrangements.