Payroll and Performance Forms

W-2 Information

Items in Boxes 12a–12d are required by IRS. The amount (if any) in Box12a labeled “C” is the taxable cost of your group term life insurance paid by George Fox in 2015. (This amount was also included in your pay as taxable income throughout 2015.) The amount (if any) in box 12b labeled “E” is the contribution you made to a supplemental retirement plan beyond the 3 percent that the university matches. The amount (if any) in box 12c labeled "DD" is the total of: your contributions (premiums) to health, dental, and pre-tax supplemental insurance (Aflac or Colonial), plus employer contributions to health and dental insurance. This figure is now required to be on the W-2 form. It is for your information only--these benefits continue to be non-taxable.

Box 14 shows the amount of your contribution to the university-sponsored retirement plan. This represents 3 percent of your pay in 2015 from the time you began participation. Once an employee begins participation in the George Fox Retirement Plan, it is a requirement to continue.

Employees (and their tax preparers) often ask why the amount in Box 1 is different than the amount listed in Box 3 and 5. Because any contributions you made to the retirement plan(s) are not subject to income taxes, those amounts (shown in 12b and 14) are not included in Box 1. However, those contributions are still subject to Social Security and Medicare (FICA) taxes, so they are included in the amount shown in both Box 3 and 5. If you add the amount in Box 1 to any amounts in Boxes 12b and 14, the total should equal the amount in Box 3 and 5.

How to balance your W-2 subject wages back to the year to date wages on your December paystub:

Federal and State
Take the total year to date gross from your December paystub, subtract the year to date total of the Before Tax Deductions, add the year to date total Employer Paid Life Ins* located in the box labeled Employer Paid Benefits. 

FICA (Social Security & Medicare)
Take the total year to date gross from your December paystub, subtract the year to date Before Tax Deductions amounts for Medical, Dental, Flex Spending and or Dependent Care,  add the year to date total Employer Paid Life Ins* located in the box labeled Employer Paid Benefits.  

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Part-Time or Temporary Employee Timesheet

Administrator Time Off Report 2015

Administrator Time Off Report 2016

Timesheet April 2016

Timesheet May 2016

Payroll Forms

Form W-4 Employee's Withholding Allowance Certificate

Note: is a good resource for estimating take-home pay under a variety of scenarios and may assist you in determining how many allowances to claim on your W-4 form so the proper taxes are withheld.

Direct Deposit Form  This form is a Fillable PDF.  Just fill it out online and then click the Print Box to sign it and send it to HR Box 6108.  If you have trouble with the form, try right-clicking on the link and save it to your desk top to complete and print.

Form I-9  Employment Eligibility Verification (must use this version dated 3/8/13)

References for supervisors: George Fox I-9 Procedures and I-9 Long Distance Instructions & the federal I-9 Handbook for Employers

Personnel Change Form  

The Approval to Recruit Form (ARF) is now an online/workflow form in MyGFU.  Supervisors can initiate an ARF in the Enterprise Menu by clicking on George Fox Custom and then Approval to Recruit Form.  Please contact Kera Hallman if you need assistance.

All offers of employment are contingent upon completing and successfully passing a background check. Hiring managers, please have your selected candidate read the disclosure form and complete the Background Check Authorization form. All signatures MUST be hand written. Computer generated signatures are not accepted. Once complete, forward the form to Kera Hallman in the Human Resource Department for processing.

Vacation Accrual Schedules:   Staff   Administrators

Miscellaneous Forms

Confidentiality Agreement (all employees must sign)

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