1. Introduction

In this chapter:

1.1 A Letter from the President


While in many cases a handbook may not be the most exciting read, I do hope you’ll take the time to read through and familiarize yourself with this very important document. As George Fox University grows it is essential to have policies and procedures that are easily accessible for all employees. I want to retain the feel of our informal community but we need clear policies to guide our work together.

The employee handbook is designed for that purpose. In it you will find the standard information relating to employee benefits, institutional processes, important terms, and employee privileges and expectations.

This handbook is intended for use by all George Fox employees; however, in some instances, additional related information pertaining specifically to faculty and academic processes can be found in the Faculty Handbook. Accordingly, you may note occasional references to the Faculty Handbook throughout this Employee Handbook.

I am very thankful to be at George Fox University. We have a unique mission and staff and faculty who believe they are called to help prepare the next generation (and some in my generation!) for the future. Thank you again for all the good work you do for the students of George Fox University.


Robin Baker

1.2 About This Handbook

This handbook has been prepared to acquaint you with the applicable policies, procedures, practices, and benefits of the university. It is intended to provide you with information about the university that will be helpful to you in the course of your employment. Because of this, we expect you to take the time to read it and become familiar with its contents. All policies, procedures, practices, and benefits in this handbook first became effective July 1, 2002. It has subsequently been updated to reflect any policy, procedure, practice or benefit changes since that date. This latest edition is effective March 1, 2009, and supersedes all previous policies, procedures, practices, and benefits of the university, both oral and written. If there are any discrepancies in benefit information provided in this handbook and benefit plan documents, the language in the benefit plan documents shall prevail.

The handbook is simply a summary of the university’s current policies, procedures, practices, and benefits for your personal education and therefore should not be construed as a legal document. This handbook is not a contract of employment. If you have any questions, please forward them to the Office of Human Resources for resolution.

Circumstances may occur that may result in the policies, procedures, practices, and benefits described in this handbook changing from time to time. The university reserves the right to amend, supplement, or rescind any or all provisions of this handbook as it deems appropriate at its sole and absolute discretion.

As previously stated, the information contained in this handbook is not a contract. Unless an employment contract provides otherwise, employment at the university is “at will.” This means either the university or the employee generally can terminate the employment relationship at any time for any reason, with or without notice or cause. None of the provisions of this handbook alter, modify, or amend the “at-will” nature of this employment relationship.

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