Media Production Services

Media Production Services (MPS)

Media Production Services (MPS) can help provide digital recordings, sound systems, multimedia presentations, or other audiovisual needs to your on-campus lecture, event, meeting or conference.

Concert at Bauman Auditorium

Event Venues

The following rooms are equipped with built-in sound systems, and are ideal venues for gatherings with large audiences:

Before requesting media services, make sure you have reserved one of these spaces with Conference and Event Services.

Media Production Request

Any event with a sound system, wireless microphones or livestreaming must be staffed by one of our full-time techs or work-study students. To better ensure that we are able to staff your event, we ask that you put in your request at least four weeks ahead of your event date.

Requests for event recording or production will be seen on a first-come, first-serve basis based on staff availability. Charges for events may apply.

Start your request

You will be contacted by Media Production Services concerning the details of your event within the next two business days. If you do not receive an email from MPS, or have questions regarding event recording, email us at

Event Recordings

Recordings of your event can be posted for online viewing. View our Vimeo channel to see examples of event recordings.

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