Applying for International SpIL Trips

Costs of the trips are listed with trip information. The costs include airfare and in-country expenses. A $250 deposit will be due upon acceptance and confirmation of your participation in a Spil trip. The following deadlines have been set for fundraising the remaining cost of the trip.
    1. 5% of the personal budget is to be raised on acceptance of invitation to be participant on Summer Serve trip (deposit of $250)
    2. 50% of the personal budget will need to be raised before projected airfare purchase date.  If this deadline is missed, student will forfeit participation on trip.
    3. 100% of the individual budget will be due before departure to the Serve Trip destination

*If any of these deadlines are missed, student may forfeit participation of trip. Funds are non-refundable once donated toward trip, even if student cancels or is removed from participation for whatever reason.

Ready to Apply? 

Step One: Complete the International SpIL Trip Application Form  - applications are due by November 13, 2017

Step Two: Submit 3 References

All applicants are required to secure references from three people who know them well. Application packets will not be considered "complete" untill all three references have been received. Only students with "complete" applications will be considered for interviews.  

1. The first reference form must be completed by your area coordinator or resident assistant. If you are a commuter, the reference can be completed by a past RA or AC. If you are a first year student or have always lived off campus, you can submit the reference to an additional professor or clergy.
2. The second form must be completed by a George Fox faculty member or administrator.
3. The third form must to be completed by clergy (lead pastor/priest or staff pastor).

Email your references the link to the following Reference form. We must receive your references no later than 4 p.m. on November 13, 2018.

Step Three: Put the Interview Dates in your Calendar

November 14 from 9:30p-10:30p
November 15 from 8:15p-9:45p
Any Questions? Email