Payment Options

“Bridging the Gap” between the cost to attend George Fox and financial aid is the responsibility of the student and family. Each semester the balance owed needs to be taken care of before the student can advance to the next semester. This can be done by first figuring out what the gap is. Students can do this by going online to the payment estimator. Once completed, the payment estimator will show the balance owed for each semester.  Undergraduate Payment Estimator.

The following information contains some options students and their families can consider in assisting with the payment.


PLUS loans are federal loans that parents of dependent undergraduate students can use to help pay education expenses. Direct Plus loans are provided by the U.S. Department of Education. To be eligible, borrowers must apply and be approved. For more information, visit our loans page.

Alternative Loans

Alternative loans are private loans that are not part of the federal financial aid program. Interest rates and fees vary greatly and may depend on the borrower’s credit-worthiness. Generally, students are required to have a co-signer. Loan amounts cannot exceed the cost of attendance less other financial aid. For more information, visit our  loans page.

Semester Plan

Payment is made each semester through personal payments, financial aid, or a combination of both. Semester payments are due prior to attendance.

Monthly Payment Plans

Students can request a monthly payment plan by completing the Payment Selection Form. Eligible tuition charges for each semester are split into four equal monthly installments (if enrolled in the plan prior to the start of the semester), due on the 15th of each month. All Monthly Payment Plans are subject to approval and a per-semester set up fee. Please read the full payment plan policy.

Employer/Third Party Payment Plan

To sign up to pay through a third party or employer by direct billing, please contact  Student Financial Services for assistance.

Vocational Rehabilitation Benefit Plan

Please contact  Student Financial Services for information concerning benefits through the Department of Vocational Rehabilitation.

Veterans Benefits (All Chapters)

Visit the Veterans tab for more information concerning Veterans Benefits.