Housing and Meal Plan Accommodations for Medical/Disability

Please visit Disability Services Housing Accommodations page for more information about housing accommodations and meal plan modifications.

If you have physical, medical, mental health, or other disabilities/conditions that might require housing accommodations due to COVID-19 (e.g., ADA-equipped room, single room, accessible/private bathroom), follow the instructions to apply for housing accommodations through the Disability Services Office.

Requests for housing accommodations are processed through the Disability Services Office in conjunction with the Director of Housing. To be considered for an accommodation a student will need to present documentation of a disability that creates a functional limitation in the environment as it pertains to the Americans with Disabilities Act. Disability Services seeks to ensure consistency in evaluating requests while simultaneously exploring each individual situation before making recommendations to the Director of Housing. It is the University’s practice to determine the housing accommodation that provides the most traditional experience for each student.

The University is generally able to accommodate all medical/disability needs in on-campus housing. All medical/disability related accommodations will be made in the context of University policies applicable to the individual making the request. 

Accommodation Deadline Dates

Please allow adequate time for requests to be processed. This may include Disability Services contacting the medical provider. Requests submitted after the dates listed below may not be able to be accommodated until after Housing Selection.

  • Current Students: Requests are due by 5:00 PM on March 6th.
  • Incoming Students: In order to receive fullest consideration requests should be submitted by May 1st. At a minimum, requests must be received 15 working days prior to a student’s arrival on campus.

Procedure for Requesting a Housing Accommodation

Step 1: Register in the Accommodation Information Management (AIM) system. Go to, click the "Housing Application" button, and complete the application.

Step 2: Upload documentation that identifies the disability/medical/mental health diagnosis; this documentation should provide recommendations for meeting your needs. These recommendations should generally address needed accommodations, not specific housing locations. For example, a provider might indicate you need a location where you can access a kitchen, not that you need housing in specific campus apartments.

Step 3: The Disability Services Office will contact you if more information is needed or to notify you that your request has been approved.

Step 4: Upon approval of your request by the Disability Services Office, communicate with the Director of Housing ( to determine specific accommodation arrangements.