Happy Fall 2019!


Greetings teachers, parents, and writers!
Fall for us means NaNoWriMo is coming! November is National Novel Writing Month and students all over the country are participating. Check out this 3-minute video by HS ELA teacher Christine Bullock, of Cascade High School to catch a glimpse of what’s possible for teachers who encourage their students to participate. Don't wait until November, get started now !

Common Hour

If you’re curious about what we do in an institute but want to know more about the experience before you commit, please consider joining us for our free online Common Hour experience offered on the first Saturday of each month between now and Winter Institute. As we work to accommodate teachers’ busy schedules, Teacher Consultants Angela Newport and Tracy Velez have designed this goodness to share with others. We meet online through Zoom, from 9:00 am-10:00 am, and share writing time, encouragement, and strategies for living the writerly life among students. Join us November 2 and/or December 7! Email sthornhill@georgefox.edu for further information.

NEW Workshop and Professional Development Opportunity!

From October 28 to December 1 , join us online to learn about creating and using videos for class enhancement! This workshop will focus on the (mainly free) technology available to teachers for video creation and the art behind making a professional-looking video without professional equipment. We will focus on how to quickly but effectively put content in front of students that gets them thinking and learning. No prior experience with digital classrooms or video creation is required.

With digital classrooms becoming a common addition to traditional classes, teachers have an opportunity to use video as a means of enhancing pedagogy and combating issues resulting from student absences. It can be difficult to get content to students when a substitute steps in for a day, but creating or accessing meaningful videos can circumvent the setback that is often created when a teacher misses school. Additionally, students who were absent are able to access content they would otherwise have to do without, and case managers for IEP students are able to help more effectively because they can access the information as well.

Take the workshop for PDUs or 1 Continuing Education Credit. Register here!
Taught by West Albany High School teacher, Matt Boase. For more info, contact Matt at mgboase@gmail.com.

Institutes in the Teaching of Writing

OWPC continues to offer two annual Institutes in the Teaching of Writing, and celebrates each teacher who transitions to Teacher Consultant through an immersive experience in the teaching and learning of writing. Whether you’re interested in a shorter intensive institute experience in the summer months or a one-weekend-a-month format in the winter/spring, we hope you’ll consider applying to be part of this professional community.

There are still a few spots left in our 2020 Winter Institute in the Teaching of Writing! Led by director Susanna Thornhill and TCs Tracy Velez (Corvallis) and Angela Newport (McMinnville), we’ll meet in Newberg on Friday nights and Saturdays during these weekends: January 24-25, February 21-22, March 6-7, & April 3-4.  Register interest by filling out our quick application below.

We are also accepting applications for our upcoming 2020 Summer Institute. We’ll be back at Broadway Commons to connect with our Salem folks, so we hope to have a solid crowd of teacher writers in the area. Reserve your spot today!

Apply Online

Guest Day at Fairsing

OWPC Teacher Consultants and guests enjoyed an amazing day of writing at Fairsing Winery on August 8. Although it was unseasonably cloudy and cool, owners Mary Ann and Mike McNally made us welcome with a brief orientation to their gorgeous property before granting us luxurious space to lean into joy alongside other writers. Attendees wrote in adirondack chairs around the perimeter of the property’s 360-degree views in a mini writing marathon that was punctuated by laughter, quiet read-aloud's and a few helicopter stops for folks coming and going on a helicopter wine tour!

Helicopter at Fairsing Winery
Writing at Guest Day at Fairsing Winery
Guest Day Group Photo at Fairsing Winery

Young Writers' Camps

Two of our our exceptional TCs, Christy Beckstrom and Laura Shingleton, ran Young Writers’ Camps this summer. Read on for a brief report of their work with students and register interest in running a YWC of your own by contacting owpcollaborative@georgefox.edu

Myths & Tales: Fantasy in Word and Art
From July 22-26, 5 th through 9 th grade students learned to let their imagination take over their writing under the instruction of Laura Shingleton, a teacher at Crossler Middle School. Participants in the Myths and Tales camp drew inspiration from the art surrounding them to create their own fantastic works of fiction. They enjoyed creating characters, settings and conflicts based on their imaginative inferences. They began by fracturing a few fairytales, rearranging the pieces, and developing new themes for old stories.  They explored both archetypal characters and plots, engaged in peer feedback, and illustrated their work. They also played some hilarious writing games throughout the week and had an ongoing debate regarding the merits of various superheroes!

Mysteries at the Museum: Stories of mayhem, mystery, and more!
Young writers explored mysteries at the Hallie Ford Museum of Art in Salem, OR July 29 through August 2. Christy Beckstrom, teacher at West Salem High School, invited 7 th through 12 th grade students to “write, untangle, and solve [their] own stories while practicing [their] writing skills in a fun and collaborative environment.” Christy’s goal was to help each student “not only grow as a writer, but to set on the path of becoming a lucrative mystery writer.” Besides character, scene, and plot development, Christy focused on different types of mysteries, clues, and plot twists. When learning about developing scenes, the students searched the museum for a painting to describe as a scene. Students had the option of creating illustrations and designing covers for their stories. They finished the workshop with a reception where they presented their work to one another.  Christy said, “ It was a great finale to our week of creative writing.”