About OWPC

Institutes in the Teaching of Writing

The OWP Collaborative invites educators to participate in Summer and "During School Year" Institutes focused on writing and professional growth in the teaching of writing. The Institute is modeled after the Bay Area Writing Project and offers professional growth opportunities for teachers of grades kindergarten through college in all content areas who wish to develop their writing skills and improve effectiveness in teaching writing. Centered within a "teachers teaching teachers" model, participants are encouraged to write, share, and explore their craft in a safe and supportive environment.


The OWP Collaborative provides community outreach programs to students, teachers, and schools throughout the mid-Willamette valley. Facilitated by qualified Teacher Consultants, these programs support excellence in the teaching of writing at all educational levels. Programs include on-site professional development for teachers through a "teachers teaching teachers" model that disseminate best practices, with special attention to local area needs.


The OWP Collaborative provides Continuity programs for educators who have previously participated in a Summer Institute (SI). These SI alumni (considered Teacher Consultants) have access to ongoing events, supports, and leadership positions. Continuity programs include the Certificate in Writing program, which supports advanced methods of teaching, writing, leadership, and professional publication.

Family and Community

Community outreach program also include Young Writers Camps for children Grades 3-12 and Family Literacy Programs for parents and students PreK-12.