Clinical Education

Apply Your Skills in Diverse Settings

physical therapy clinic

As a student in the George Fox physical therapy program, your learning experience will transcend textbooks and lectures. You’ll have every opportunity to take the skills you’ve learned in the classroom and put them into practice.

In fact, a significant portion of your DPT education consists of full-time clinical training (6 weeks part-time and 33 weeks full-time). The hands-on clinical sessions are integrated throughout all three years of the didactic component and cover a variety of settings, including private practice, hospital acute care, orthopedics, pediatrics and rehabilitation facilities.

In order to stay competitive in the physical therapy education market, we have accelerated our clinical rotation series, which allows students to graduate three months before other local programs.

You can participate in clinical internships in the Newberg community, the Portland metropolitan area and beyond. It’s a great way to serve people from diverse backgrounds and gain an understanding of the challenges they face.

Clinical Education Calendar

Jan. 1 – Feb. 10
Clinical Internship II - 6 weeks (second-year students)

April 29 – May 24
Comprehensive Clinical Experience - 4 weeks (first-year students)

June 17 – Aug. 10
Clinical Internship III - 8 weeks (third-year students)

Aug. 12 – Oct. 12
Clinical Internship IV - 9 weeks (third-year students)

Oct. 14 – Dec. 21
Clinical Internship V - 10 weeks (third-year students)


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