This handbook deals with academic policies and procedures at George Fox University. It does not cover all aspects and functions of this educational community, nor is it intended to be a legal document or a contract. It provides guidance that complements the current graduate and undergraduate catalogs, the Student Handbook, and the Employee Handbook.

Proposals for revising the handbook may be initiated at any time by any unit of the faculty, administration, or Board of Trustees.

Part Three, Conditions and Benefits of Faculty Service, reflects the terms of faculty service and must be approved by the Board of Trustees. Other revisions in the handbook are adopted by minuted action of the Vice Presidents Team, the Academic Affairs Committee of the Board of Trustees, or the Board of Trustees, after consultation with the units of the university most affected by the changes.

Revisions become operative when dated and will be made available electronically. Exceptions are matters pertaining to rehiring, advancement in rank, tenure, and termination. In such matters, handbook provisions, operative on the date that a faculty contract is issued, continue in force for the term of the contract.