Title IX Coordinator/Deputy Coordinators

Photo of Nichole Drew

Nichole Drew

Executive Director

Title IX Coordinator

Photo of Brad Lau

Brad Lau

Vice President for Student Life

Photo of Rebecca Hernandez

Rebecca Hernandez, PhD

Associate Provost for Academic Success

Chief Diversity Officer

Director, Center for Peace & Justice

Photo of Jennie Harrop

Jennie Harrop, PhD, DMin

Associate Dean, George Fox Connect

Associate Professor of Professional Studies

Photo of Mark Pothoff

Mark Pothoff

Dean of Students

Photo of Elise Trask

Elise Trask

Associate Director of Athletics

Resident Life

Photo of Dave Johnstone

Dave Johnstone

Associate Dean of Students

Director of Commuter Life

Photo of Mitzi Martinez

Mitzi Martinez

Associate Director of Residence Life

Photo of Amy Ralston

Amy Ralston

Area Coordinator:

Edwards and Gulley Halls

Photo of Liz Simmons

Liz Simmons

Director of Residence Life