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From the Director of Alumni Relations
Educating Future Alumni

The role of Alumni Relations at George Fox University is, at its core, really quite simple: help our alumni stay connected to each other and to the university. The implementation of that role, on the other hand, is a bit more complex. With more than 19,000 alumni living in all 50 states - and in more than 45 countries around the world - just communicating with them all poses a challenge.

And yet, because we value what we do and what we offer our alumni, we continue to seek ways to fulfill our role as best we can. We provide a wide variety of services such as career networking and job referral services, tuition-free course auditing, an online alumni directory, and discounted auto and home insurance. We host events like homecoming, the annual motorcycle rally, and regional events. We communicate via the Journal magazine, monthly eBruin e-newsletter, blast e-mails, and Facebook and MySpace.

It is important to us that our alumni know what we offer and that we want to help them stay connected. In fact, this is of such importance that we start educating them about who we are and what we do while they are still students, even considering them "Alumni in Residence" after one academic year.

This academic year has seen the resurgence of a student-led group advised by Alumni Relations called the Bruin Heritage Society. One of this group's primary objectives is to connect current students with our alumni, helping the students see that they are a part of a much bigger George Fox family than they ever would have guessed. They have hosted a variety of events from the Mystery Bus Tour during freshman orientation to a very special chapel service during Bruin Heritage Week where alumni from as far back as 1929 sang George Fox University's official college song. (You might ask your student if they were at that chapel service, to see what they thought.)

All of this is done so that, as your student graduates, they know that their relationship with George Fox does not end. It will change, but they are still a part of this community - one that Alumni Relations will do whatever we can to keep connected!

Robby Larson
Director of Alumni Relations

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