From the Executive Director

The year 2008 is still fresh and new early in February. We are just beginning the adventures, experiences, and lessons that will define and shape the coming year. I do not know about you, but I always feel a mixture of hope and dread when a new year begins. I know there will be rough times, because I have learned they are part of life. (I am glad I do not know them ahead of time because anticipating rough times is oftentimes harder than experiencing them). I also know there will be joyful and wonderful times in the year ahead because life has taught me that as well.

God's work in my life can set me free from my dread of the unknown. God's work in my life is my hope! If I am walking in his strength, love and power, there is no room for fear. I am especially mindful of my full dependence on the Lord as the new year dawns.

I am praying that I will walk in the Lord's strength and power this year because it glorifies him when I do. There is a second motivation for me to walk this way. As a parent, I must be mindful of how my life is still a model to my children - even though they are young adults. What will your student see in your life when you encounter a trial this year? Will he see a person who scrambles to gain personal control of a situation, or a person who rests in the Lord and relinquishes control? Will he see a person reacting in the flesh, or walking in the Spirit?

If this sounds like a sermon, let me assure you it is mostly a sermon to me. When I relinquish emotional control of situations I cannot truly control, and place them at the feet of Jesus, there is room for peace, love, and humility in my life. These are the attributes I want to model and pass on to my children.

Even though there will be hills and valleys, I hope 2008 is a wonderful year for you and your family. In a new way I hope you tap into God's resources and strength and that you are ever aware of his faithfulness.

Sheri Philips
Executive Director of University Relations

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