Perspectives | February 2007

From the Executive Director
The year 2008 is still fresh and new early in February. We are just beginning the adventures, experiences, and lessons that will define and shape the coming year. I do not know about you, but I always feel a mixture of hope and dread when a new year begins. I know there will be rough times, because I have learned they are part of life. (I am glad I do not know them ahead of time because anticipating rough times is oftentimes harder than experiencing them). I also know there will be joyful and wonderful times in the year ahead because life has taught me that as well. More...

From the President
The Cost of Higher Education

Many of you may wonder why higher education costs so much. President Robin Baker recently tackled that hot topic in a campus discussion. He said there are many factors including:
-the labor-intensive nature of education
-the absence of government support for private Christian higher education
-the rising expectations of today's students,
-the increasing costs of health care, technology, and salaries. More...

From the Parent Council
One of the best days on the George Fox campus happens each year during the Parents Day of Prayer. I remember when my wife and I attended during our daughter's freshman year. We knew that one of the key things we could do for her was pray. When we are willing to be available to God, he meets with us. We rejoice in how God met with us and the other parents. More...

From the Director of Alumni Relations
Educating Future Alumni

The role of Alumni Relations at George Fox University is, at its core, really quite simple: help our alumni stay connected to each other and to the university. The implementation of that role, on the other hand, is a bit more complex. With more than 19,000 alumni living in all 50 states - and in more than 45 countries around the world - just communicating with them all poses a challenge. More...

Career Corner
Optimal Resume on the Horizon
We are taking our career services to a new level for our students. As of January 2008 we have contracted with Optimal Resume to provide an online tool that will train our students to be more comprehensively prepared for the professional job search. Optimal Resume features a resume and cover letter builder, an online portfolio, skills assessment, and interview preparation. More...

In February, Life@Fox is going to address Christianity and culture. Life@Fox is the name of a co-curricular program designed to initiate campus-wide conversations through ASC and student leadership programs, and in resident halls, multi-cultural events, chapel, and small group gatherings. In February, the items to be addressed will include:

  • Christian worldview
  • issues of social justice
  • racial reconciliation
  • in the world, but not of it
  • movies and Hollywood
  • pop culture

Parent's Day of Prayer
March 15, 2008
Parents of George Fox University students are invited to gather on Saturday, March 15, 2008, either on the Newberg campus or at regional sites to pray for their students and the university.

Parents who live in the Portland Metro area can attend a worship and prayer time on the Newberg campus from 9 a.m. - Noon in Kerschner Lecture Hall (Hoover 105). Parents who don't live locally may be able to lead or participate in a prayer gathering in the home of a George Fox parent.
You can find more information about the Newberg event, find a list of regional sites, and register online at

Kaleo conference - for people who engage with youth
Saturday, February 23, 2008
George Fox University will hold its fourth annual conference for people who minister to youth, including youth pastors, youth volunteers, and parents. Wes Davis, pastor at NewLife Church in Kitsap, Washington, will be talking about Courageous Leadership. Drawing from the lives of Joseph and Daniel, Wes will share how we can equip youth to do more than spiritually survive. He will also share how God redeems our hurts to bring healing to others, including the young people we lead. Information and online registration is available online at

Homecoming 2008 Highlights
February 8 & 9
Homecoming 2008's theme "Get in Step with George Fox University" will remind alumni of their personal student journeys. As alumni come "home" to celebrate and reminisce, they will have the opportunity to enjoy many special events, including a concert by the Christian band Five O'clock People, basketball games, the alumni celebration brunch, class reunions, and two special affinity reunions. During affinity reunions alumni gather to visit a favorite professor or remember a shared experience. This year affinity reunions are planned for alumni who attended George Fox University when it was called Pacific College (from 1891 until 1949), and alumni who participated in Steve Grant's Dance classes since 1982 (where, you guessed it, they will be dancing some of the steps they learned years ago). For more information about Homecoming 2008 visit

2008 Honored Alumni
At annual Homecoming celebrations, George Fox honors five alumni as outstanding individuals. This year the honorees include:
Heritage Award: Paul Thornburg (BA '46)
Seminary Alumnus of the Year Award: Stanley W. Cuyler (MDIV '68)
Outstanding Alumnus Award: Gayathri Ramprasad (SPS '01, MBA '03)
Outstanding Recent Alumna Award: Matthew Gerber (BA '03)
Full-time Christian Service Award: Donald J. Armstrong (BA '78)
For biographical information on these individuals, go to:

Winter Theatre
Three theatre events are planned during February of the 2007-08 theatre season at George Fox University.

Winter One Act Festival January 31 - February 2
Black Boy - a one man show February 8 and 9
Players Presents February 14 - 16

For ticket information, contact the University box office at 503-554-3844.

Newberg campus medical research presentation: Halting the epidemic of diabetes and heart disease
February 21, 2008
Providence Newberg Medical Center and George Fox University have teamed up to provide the community a free presentation from internationally-renowned physician and researcher, David Barker, M.D. Dr. Barker, from Southampton, England, discovered the relationship between birth weight and the lifetime risk for coronary heart disease. Dr. Barker has published more than two hundred papers and written or edited five books about the developmental origins of chronic disease. Please plan to join us for what's sure to be an insightful presentation.
7 - 9 p.m., Thursday, Feb. 21, Wood-Mar Auditorium.
Registration is not required. For directions to the lecture hall, visit

Feb. 1 Last day to exercise pass/no pass option
Jan. 31 - Feb. 2 Winter One Act Festival
Feb. 8 and 9 Black Boy - a one man show
Feb. 14 - 16 Players Presents

Remind your students to check scholarship opportunities and due dates on the Student Financial Services web site: Scholarships are due all throughout the year, but most on campus (internal) scholarships are due throughout February.

All athletic events are located at

See the University calendar at for a comprehensive list of athletic and performing arts events.

Chapels are held from 10:40 a.m. to 11: 30 a.m. in Bauman Auditorium. Check out Chapel Online at .

Feb. 4

Winter Serve trip reports
Andrea Crenshaw, Director of Outreach Service

Feb. 6

Ash Wednesday with J.D. Walt
Dean of Chapel, Asbury Theological Seminar

Feb. 11

Sarah Thomas Baldwin
Campus Pastor

Feb. 13

Fred Douglas
Executive Director, Portland Youth for Christ

Feb. 18

Brad Lau
Vice President, Student Life

Feb. 20

Jon Furman
Director, Youth Community at Grace Chapel

Feb. 23

Kaleo conference for people who engage with youth

Feb. 25

Wes Davis, lead pastor-teacher at NewLife Church

Feb. 27

Dalen Harrison
CEO, Ensequence

Feb. 29 - March 2

All-campus Spring Retreat with Jon Furman

For a listing of the complete Spiritual Formation calendar online, go to: and click Spiritual Formation Calendar.

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Bon Appetit Management Company provides food service at George Fox University. It also offers a wonderful selection of special packages for your student to honor birthdays, holidays, study breaks, or just to send a special hug from home. To find out more, click here.

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