2008 Student Serve TripsNew Page 1

Spring Serve
A team of 12-24 will serve in Lapwai, Idaho. The trip will be a refreshing mix of physical labor and interaction within the community. The team will be working at the Lapwai Church of God doing work such as painting, grounds work, and roof work during the day. Throughout the week, the team will also be providing outreach opportunities for the local children. It is a great relationship building experience, both with team-members and with members of the Lapwai community.

A team of 12 will serve at The Flying H. Ranch. The Flying H youth ranch is located thirty miles west of Yakima, WA. Its goal is to minister to the troubled youth of our culture. On this trip the group will be doing physical labor as well as spending some time with the boys in worship and just hanging out. After a hard day's work their will be time for devotions for the group and individually.

A team of 12 will serve in Utah with Utah Partnership with Christ. They will experience a week in the beautiful setting of the Rocky Mountains and the great Salt Lake as they spend time learning about the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints. Team members will get to walk around Temple Square, visit a Mormon ward, and participate in many personal interactions with the LDS.

A team of 12 will serve with the L.A. Dream Center. The Dream Center is an amazing organization that has over 200 different outreaches into inner city of Los Angeles, California. The Dream Center team will get an opportunity to work hand in hand with the organization, participating in their various ministries, and see God work in many lives. Some of the ministry opportunities include playing with kids in the projects, working with the food bank, feeding the homeless on Skid Row, hanging out with the homeless youth in Santa Barbara, and a night life outreach, just to name a few.

May Serve
This May a team of twenty from George Fox will travel to Thailand for three weeks of ministry though service, relationships and evangelism. The team will spend the majority of the trip working with Garden of Hope, (www.justfoodinc.org) learning more about their women and children's outreach as well as their culinary arts program. The team will spend most of the daytime working on various work projects for the ministry. In the evenings, the team will work in small groups with the Garden of Hope staff being part of their outreach to women and teens in prostitution as well as outreach to youth and children at risk in the red light areas. Most of the team's ministry is relational. Since the team will only be in the country for a short time they will most likely not see the results of their ministry. The last part of the trip will be with Remember Nhu, (www.remembernhu.org) partnering with them in ministry with various Hill tribe villages through VBS, clothing distribution, music, games, drama and testimonies. The team will also spend time in the homes with the children from Remember Nhu which keep children out of the sex trade. The team will have many different opportunities to learn about the Thai culture through various excursions during the three weeks and while debriefing at the end of the trip. (Details subject to change)

The teams are currently meeting weekly for prayer, planning and implementing of fundraising activities and preparing for the ministry. If you would like more information or to find out ways that you can support the teams please contact Andrea Crenshaw at 503.554.2323 or e-mail acrensha@georgefox.edu .

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