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From the Parent Council

Do you ever wonder what your kids do at college? Want to find out? Wonder whether it really rains in Newberg in November as much as they say it does?

Come join the university's Parent Council for the 27th annual Family Weekend Nov. 2-4, 2007… Explore, Participate, Worship.

The council has supported this event for many years, and with good reason. It is THE premier event for families (especially families with teens who are considering where to go to college …) to get a broad-stroke picture of life on the George Fox campus during the school year. Particularly for families that live out-of-town, Family Weekend is a great excuse to see your student(s), attend a play or musical, listen to a concert, have dinner in the "Bone", tour the campus, take in a lecture, and participate in worship together.

There are certainly other activities during the school year, but this one is our personal favorite. Having gone to an extremely large public university (UW), this is the kind of thing I wish I could have enjoyed while I was in college and the activity that warms my heart the most. As parents, my wife and I get an opportunity to connect with our daughter and her life away from home in a way that I think is fairly unique, and she really appreciates us being there.

The years one spends in college or university are important ones and our being with our daughter at events like this speak volumes of our love and desire to support her at this stage in her life. Even if your student tells you that it's okay if you don't come or they don't seem to want you around, attending and showing interest in what they're doing will mean more to them than they may admit. They may not say much immediately, but later in their lives they'll let you know what it meant to them for you to be there.

Personally, looking back on my college years (all six of them), I can only remember being visited once on campus by my parents after I was dropped off for college. I didn't think too much about it then. I was "independent" and putting myself through college, but I do wish now that my parents had showed more interest in what I was doing. Most students are proud of what they're accomplishing, and justifiably so. They'll relish a chance to show you where there classes are and tell you who their favorite professors are.

Tony Reynolds

George Fox Parent Council Chair

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