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From the Parent Council

You didn't send your child to go to college so that he could spend his productive working years asking, "Paper or plastic?", "Room for cream?", or "Can I super-size that for you?"

We want more for our kids than we had for ourselves, and that's why they're in college; knowledge from a college degree gives your student more choices in life.

But what if they're confused about what God wants them to do?
What if they're confused about what they want to do?

I was seated next to a stranger the other day at a luncheon where we did the usual awkward fumbling for things to talk about. At one point during the salad course, he said something that struck me as particularly lawyer-like so I asked him if he was a lawyer. He smiled, then pulled a face, and said, "No … yes." He must have read the confusion on my face because he felt impelled to explain, "I used to be a lawyer, but now I'm a commercial real estate broker, and the road to that job was very interesting." When I raised an eyebrow he spilled the story.

In short, he told me he hated corporate law, and after he was subsequently fired for, well, hating his job, he got in his fancy sports car - bought with money made from his hated job - and started a cross-country journey to find out what he was supposed to do with his life.

As he drove from city to city, he kept coming back to how much he loved the idea of real estate, but he didn't give in to that notion just yet. With a master's degree, he eventually found himself in Oregon a few years later with his broker's license, a new business, and fulfillment. The guy was successful, happy, and even married to a lawyer who loves the practice of law.

We don't all have the luxury of a few years, hundreds of thousands of dollars to spend on myriad degrees, and the use of a fancy car to take us on the journey. But we do have Career Services at George Fox. It's walking distance from your student's room. There, students begin to match their passions and interests to career or graduate- school choices. The earlier they get to Career Services in their college career, the better; but it's never too late to come.

Of all the comments from George Fox students about Career Services and the job fairs it connects students with, I like this one best: "There is something at this fair for every George Fox senior, whether you are hunting for a specific job, still searching for vocational direction, or looking for a graduate school. I highly recommend taking advantage of this opportunity. Who knows what doors God will open if you are willing to show up?"
Who knows, indeed? Encourage your student to check out Career Services.

Victoria Taft
Parent Council Member

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