From the Executive Director

You will notice, from two of the articles included in this issue of Parent Perspectives, that many George Fox students are preparing for serve trips that will take place during spring break and the month of May. Opportunities to serve other people, whether abroad or in our own country, give special shape to our students’ George Fox experiences. More significantly, many alumni whose first missionary journeys took place as students devote their lives to missionary ministries.

The lessons students learn during these trips can’t be taught in a classroom. Serving others in new cultures tests their faith, reveals their shortcomings, and provides dramatic opportunity for God’s power to be made perfect in their weakness. These situations stretch them and produce greater courage, boldness, and self-honesty. They also produce blessing. Mission trips are a win-win situation: those we serve are blessed by the Lord, and those who serve also are blessed. Most people who embark on a mission trip will say they received more than they felt they gave.

As parents, how can we support these opportunities? First, encourage your student to apply for a serve trip opportunity. Secondly, pray for God’s leading and direction in your student’s life. Once you hear that your student is selected for a serve trip, share your excitement about the opportunity. Your student’s life may be changed forever by the people and places he or she encounters.

Finally, all of us can support the life-changing results of short-term ministry at George Fox by supporting serve trips in prayer and by giving financially. The list of Spring Serve trips is included in the announcements, and you will be given the opportunity to support the May Serve trip in the next few weeks. Thank you for being a vital part of our mission-minded community.

Sheri Philips
Executive Director of University Relations