From the Executive Director

Just a couple of weeks ago, I had the opportunity to meet many new George Fox parents as families gathered on campus for Orientation, Aug. 28-29. The students and families who became part of the George Fox family this fall are a tremendous blessing to the university.

After Brad Lau (vice president for student life) and I presented on student and parent transitions, several parents wanted to talk about the change in student-parent relationships during the college years. In the case of most freshmen parents, the concept of trusting that our children can function as independent adults is foreign and frightening – after all, some of our students still haven’t demonstrated the ability to get out of bed and to class on time!

Parents of returning college students would be able to tell you that George Fox has had a tremendous impact on their student’s abilities to function independently. Students are challenged to grow and test their limits, but they also are supported by loving, caring and honest faculty, staff and fellow students who strive to ensure that the balance is just right.

Parents of collegians see their children through new eyes as the transformation takes place. Our children become people who can test and defend their faith, spend time in other countries or cultures that change and shape them, lead in the most challenging circumstances, and express their thoughts articulately. Our children become models to us as they ask tough questions and wrestle with the answers in ways we may have forgotten how to do, or willingly put themselves in uncomfortable and challenging circumstances. In short, we are increasingly amazed at how amazing they are!

Parents, buckle your seatbelts! Another year of transformation and growth is going to unfold before your eyes. My prayers are with you during this exciting season.

Sheri Philips
Executive Director of University Relations