From the Executive Director

George Fox University began the 2008 academic year with an incident that will change the university forever – hopefully in good ways. You have received information about the incident over the past two weeks, so there is no need to recount the details. I just want to share with you some insights I have gained in the past several days.

As a university administrator, along with my colleagues, I am deeply invested in the creation of the university’s strategic plan for the future. Together, we work to forecast trends, develop programs to meet market needs, balance budgets, and raise the dollars needed to support and advance the university’s strategic priorities. As you may be aware, one of the strategic priorities of the university is to reflect cultural diversity in our student body, because we believe that most accurately represents God’s intended design for his kingdom.

The public outrage that came as a result of the incident reminded me that our priorities and plans are subject to God’s will for the past, present and future of George Fox University. He is the protector and provider of our students, and the university’s reputation and future. And he is ABLE! He is able to bring about reconciliation, peace, and the needed wisdom for productive campus discussions that can bring healing and enlightenment between cultures, races and generations.

Now more than before, discussions about racial and cultural differences can and will move forward on campus. And perhaps through new lenses our students will be able to see why these discussions are so important. Please pray for these conversations. Pray for real leadership among our students. They are the future.

Sheri Philips
Executive Director of University Relations