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Greetings from the Executive Director…

Empty-nesting – an opportunity to reimagine and rediscover
Sheri Philips

Sheri Philips When each month the day comes to write my article to you in the Parent Perspectives newsletter, I wonder what I can share that will impact your life in a positive way. You’ll find that most of my articles convey my ideas about life, love, learning and legacy, and that I share a lot from my personal life journey. More…

Transformation with a Purpose
By Brad Lau

Brad LauIn his book Courage and Calling, Gordon Smith asks these poignant questions: "If I could only be one thing and do one thing with my life, what would I want it to be? What do I long for more than anything? What brings me joy?" A significant part of Christ-centered education is encouraging students to ask and begin to answer these and other key questions. I firmly believe that every student who comes to George Fox University has incredible potential to change the world within his or her sphere of influence. I also believe God has given each one unique gifts, abilities and passions that are waiting to find expression in their vocation and calling. Part of my prayer for each of your sons and daughters is that they will catch a vision for their lives that will enable them to serve others from a place of joy and gratitude. More…

From the Parent Council
By Bob Bletscher, Parent Council Chair

My wife and I are looking forward to Family Weekend! Sue and I just read over the schedule and are deciding which activities to take in. I serve as pastor in a local church and I’ll be taking vacation time again this year so that we can worship on Sunday morning at the university. More…

Career Corner
Graduate school as an option…to apply or not to apply
By Chloe Lee, MA, Graduate Assistant

As I think back on my own experiences in applying to graduate school, I can recall the immense amount of questions that arose, as well as a lack of resources needed to answer these questions. Many students feel lost in not only the process of applying to graduate school, but also, in deciding if that is the best choice after graduation. Although there are a variety of benefits in pursuing further education, such as: greater job opportunities, financial incentives, and career mobility; it is not always a straight forward decision. More…


Family Weekend
George Fox University’s Family Weekend is November 6 – 8, 2009. This is always a wonderful weekend to make fun family memories and enjoy life on the George Fox University campus. Events include concerts, family meals, theatre, faculty lectures, shopping to support student scholarships, and a good old-fashioned family Bingo night! For complete schedule and event information, and to register online, go to

Where to stay in Newberg
Where should you stay in Newberg while visiting the George Fox campus for Family Weekend and other events? Check out the list of recommended local hotels and bed and breakfast establishments, some of whom offer discounts to George Fox families.

Auxiliary Bazaar
During Family Weekend the George Fox University Auxiliary offers a wonderful holiday bazaar to raise money for student scholarships. If you would like to donate handcrafts or artwork to the bazaar, please contact Danya Ochsner by October 30, 2009 at or 503-554-2121.

George Fox Theatre
The Diviners
By Jim Leonard, Jr.
Director: Caleb Thurston

Nov. 5-7 & 12-14 at 7:30 p.m. | Nov. 15 at 2 p.m.
Wood-Mar Auditorium

Buddy Layman almost drowned as a toddler. Now, as a teenager, he can feel the rain coming from miles away and is the best water diviner in the county. The small farm community of Zion, Ind., (population 40) trusts Buddy’s water instincts, but they also marvel at his terror of water and his inability to bathe. When a charismatic but backsliding preacher drifts into town and befriends Buddy, the two lost souls find a common bond as they help each other divine for truth, faith and hope. But the play drifts toward irreversible tragedy when the townsfolk demand that the young preacher returns to the pulpit. Purchase tickets online at or through the University Store by calling 503-554-3844. $10 general admission, $8 seniors and alumni, $6 for George Fox students and children under 12.

Student Health 101
Student Health 101 is a monthly online health and wellness magazine just for college students and their parents. Each issue contains valuable information that will help your student make better decisions while in college, and can help you with a better understanding of the health and wellness challenges that face today’s students. Go to Student Health 101 for the October issue with great articles about the college experience. You can also read the student issue here.


October 9: Midsemester holiday

October 13: Symphonic band concert

October 15: Jazz band concert

November 6: Last day to withdraw from class

November 6 – 8: Family Weekend

All athletic events are located at

See the University calendar for a comprehensive list of athletic and performing arts events.


Chapels are held from 10:40 to 11:30 a.m. in Bauman Auditorium.
Chapel and other programs can be found online in MP3 and video format.

October 2009 Chapel Schedule

October 5
Tomb Raider (Mark 5:1–13)
Sarah Baldwin, University Pastor

October 7
May Serve
Andrea Crenshaw, Director of Outreach Services

October 12
Welcome, I’ve been hoping you would come! (Luke 14)
Steve Sherwood, Assoc. Professor of Youth Ministry

October 14
And then He opened their understanding (Luke 24:44 – 48)
Rusty St. Cyr, Director of Spiritual Formation

October 16

October 19
Deadly Viper Character Assassins
Mike Foster

October 21
Bill Buhrow, Dean of Student Services

October 23

October 26
Pieces of the Puzzle
Student Stories

October 28
Joseph Ha, Vice President at NIKE

October 30

To view a complete chapel schedule, visit the Office of Spiritual Life’s website and click on Spiritual Life Calendar.

Send your student a care package
Bon Appetit Management Company provides food service at George Fox University. It also offers a wonderful selection of special packages for your student to honor birthdays, holidays, study breaks, or just to send a special hug from home. To find out more, click here.

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