Career Corner
Is Career Services on Your Student’s Radar?

The size of our blip on the radar screen varies from person to person, but I would venture to say our office may not generate an immediate sense of urgency when it comes to students investing in what we have to offer. Although creating a career crisis might be useful, it would be better, it seems, to see the advancing meteorite and take measures early on to deal with it.

The August news brought us the story of a jobless grad who sued her college for $70,000 in tuition (New York Post, Aug. 5, 2009). By the time you read this Career Corner article, perhaps there will be resolution, but this story reminds us how important it is to best serve our students and create an understanding of their own responsibility in the process of career planning and development. By many measures, a student’s participation early on with their campus career center will bring positive results later on as they seek professional employment.

The following are truths about us you need to know:

  • Our staff is ready and willing to competently assist any student who seeks out our services. Many who come to us wish they’d come sooner and usually return. Our passion is to coach them toward their best futures.
  • We are also invested in meeting your students outside of the career office using many venues, including our popular "Career Services Cart" and the office website at Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn are connecting points also.
  • We work hard to create a welcoming atmosphere and provide easy opportunity for them to have career conversations with us. We want to see your student as a freshman and then they can hopefully avoid the senior "job-search panic." Pizza chats and birthday muffins provide incentive.
  • Our resources are top-notch and many are electronic, available 24/7. We are proud to offer such online systems as Optimal Resume, SIGI3, The Big Guide to Living and Working Overseas and online career classes for credit.
  • We implement many best practices that are recognized across the nation, one of which is the annual etiquette dinner. Our dedication to professional development and continuing education keeps the staff fresh and on the cutting edge in the field of career services.
  • We are equipped to prepare your student for a successful transition from college into the marketplace. Our guarantee is only that our efforts in assisting will match or exceed the student effort to help themselves. Our scope includes determining vocational calling, selecting majors, obtaining internships, finding employment or getting into grad school.
  • We are completely committed to the God of the Scriptures who promises all of us a future and a hope. It is to him we entrust our work and encounters with your students. Through him, great things can and will happen.

Our best for your best,

Bonnie Jerke
GFU Career Services
Director Career Services: Vocation and Calling Fitness
Stevens 220, 503-554-2330