From the Executive Director

Every time a school year begins, a milestone is passed and we’re on to a new stretch of road. As I watched new and returning George Fox families move their students onto campus in August, I was aware of the tremendous legacy each family brings to our community. Every one of our students comes to Fox with a special mix of experiences and perspectives. Some students come from overseas – citizens from another land, or children of missionary families. Some students come from families who have moved a great deal, so they are used to changing landscapes, meeting new people, and establishing themselves quickly. Some families have stayed in one or two homes in the same area for a long time, and changes in the landscape have been minimal. There are families who sing together, hike together, travel together, read together, and play together. Some learn and explore new horizons. Some dig into their history to understand their past.

Your family is unique, and your student will contribute to the George Fox community in a way that will reflect your family. Those of us who work with your students are always excited to see what is coming as we start a new year! We rejoice with your student as we watch their talents grow and their passions for others develop. During the college years, students typically gain some understanding of their specific calling (even though for most of us it takes a lifetime to really figure it out!) But I have observed over the years that most times, their calling reflects their special family trademarks – those special things you have hard-wired into them over time.

What a privilege it is to be a parent and grow a family! More importantly, what a privilege it is to be part of God’s larger family and know that we can surrender our children to God’s plan for their lives. We appreciate your partnership with us at George Fox University as your student undertakes the journey of challenge, support, stretching and growing that will take place during the college experience. We also appreciate the impact your family, through your student, will have on our campus!

Blessings to you as you start the year!

Sheri Philips
Executive Director of University Relations