From the Parent Council
Bob Bletscher, Parent Council Chair

My wife and I are looking forward to Family Weekend! Sue and I just read over the schedule and are deciding which activities to take in. I serve as pastor in a local church and I’ll be taking vacation time again this year so that we can worship on Sunday morning at the university.

Unlike our daughter, who is a junior this year, when our son was at Fox we didn’t really take advantage of the opportunities to connect with other parents and the university on this special weekend. We’ve learned it’s an event not to be missed! Last year we went to the theater performance, and this year we’re going to take in the bingo fundraiser. Everyone was so excited about it last year that it has motivated us to action.

Whatever your reason for coming, I hope the main reason is to connect with and encourage your student. Sue and I are fortunate to live only 30 to 40 minutes away from the university, but many parents live far away. I have no doubt your student would love to have you here, if at all possible. George Fox students love showing to their parents their new college "home" away from home and the adjustment that they have made to a new environment and family. And … just a hint from a veteran George Fox dad: Before you return home, leave them with a gift card to one of the many coffee shops in town. That is where they seem to hang out and enjoy studying. It will give them reason to think of you more often.

So, look at the schedule, plan your weekend and get registered! You and your student will look back with great memories of the time spent together at this year’s Family Weekend.