From the Parent Council
An Evening (within a weekend) to Remember
Elizabeth Kanen, Parent Council Member

Picture if you will a room filled with people. Some acquaintances – some new friends – some related, but all from differing generations. In addition to the people, the room is pleasantly jammed with good food, poodle skirts, laughter, and an occasional Elvis sighting, as shouts of “BINGO” randomly permeate the air. This was Family Bingo Night, which was held Saturday, Nov. 7, during Family Weekend – an evening (within a weekend) to remember.

The room is easy to visualize. Anytime you gather the George Fox family (this includes students, parents, grandparents, siblings, friends, teachers and administrators) you know what you will get. A room and an event overflowing with lots of people, each with a desire to enjoy the occasion and each other to the fullest, but also, always with a higher purpose: to share the love of Jesus. Family Bingo Night was no exception. So, yes, along with the ’50s diner theme, the lights, tons of food, an amazing plethora of prizes, students in poodle skirts and blue suede shoes, and parents in ponytails and letterman jackets, there was the goal to raise money for the George Fox University Student Emergency Fund (SEF).

This was a fund set up by the George Fox Parent Council to offer students and their families resources in a time of need, and specifically designed to share the love of Jesus in a very practical and tangible way. Over the years this fund has assisted students as they find themselves in unexpected emergency situations: medical emergencies, financial hardships, and even in times of loss of loved ones. The fund is administered by Student Life, working hard to honor the needs of the George Fox student body while being good stewards of the resources donated. All in all a blessing and a much appreciated resource. This night $2,698.70 was raised for SEF.

So, as I draw you back to the diner (which is actually Klages Hall), I have another private insight for you to ponder. All this transformation and work was a joint effort. Volunteers did everything from donating prizes to setting up or cleaning up the room, baking cookies to welcoming guests. It was a joint effort of students, parents, Newberg business owners, George Fox administrators, all enjoying the process and each other for a higher purpose – their love for Jesus Christ, their Lord, and each other.

If by chance you were one of the unfortunate people who missed this celebration, do not worry – we are planning on repeating it again next year. The evening will be Saturday, Nov. 6, 2010, and the weekend will be Family Weekend – an evening (within a weekend) to remember.

You can also share in the gift of giving. There are many opportunities at George Fox to support the efforts of higher education and meeting the needs of the GFU family. The opportunities come in the form of scholarships, mission trips, needed resources, and of course, the Student Emergency Fund. If you are interested in supporting (either one time or on a regular basis), please consider making a pledge when a student from the George Fox University Phonathon calls you this month. Or, donate online at

Thank you and hope to see you next Family Weekend