From Career Corner

I can’t easily imagine your student desiring career-related services at 2 a.m. in the morning, but then one never really knows. Being one of those baby boomers who grew up in a rural setting, I remember what it was like to have stores closed early and not open on Sundays. In fact, this past Christmas, due to confusion about dinner plans, I found myself looking for an open restaurant around 6 p.m. on Dec. 25 in that rural small town and found not one. It made me think about how we’ve grown to expect most things to be available conveniently and quickly.

And so, keeping in step, Career Services joined the 24/7 world that technological advances have afforded us. Thanks be to God that it isn’t me personally who has to deliver services on a 24/7 basis. So just what is it your student could access from George Fox’s Career Services “just in time,” whether it be light or dark outside? Let’s take a closer look.

Resources on our 24/7 website: At one will find upcoming events, recruiter calendars, career topic and program information, tutorials, testimonials, a blog and other strategic website resources to help your student create their best future. The virtual internship center is clearly a valuable piece in this online center.

Online credit courses: We offer three one-credit online courses (GEED 214, 216, and 218) each semester to help your student master the professional skills necessary to select a major based on calling, locate and perform well in an internship, compete to find suitable employment, or submit stellar application materials for graduate school. A student last semester accessed her course from Hawaii (not sure I would have spent time doing that!)

SIGI 3 Career Assessment: One can examine his or her interests, values, skills and personality in this comprehensive tool and then match those to occupations. Occupational and major research is a key feature in this online career planning system. In addition, students can build a career information portfolio from their visits here.

Optimal Resume: This is our premier service for students to build professional job-search skills such as writing resumes and cover letters, developing e-portfolios, assessing skills, constructing a website, and practicing for the interview. In each of these areas a student can click on “review center” and have his or her work critiqued by our career office personnel. This system gives them the edge they need to complete a successful job search.

Big Guide to Living and Working Overseas: Our student interest in global opportunities increases every year; 14 percent of our 2008 seniors desired short- or long-term international employment in the future. This site teaches a student how to prepare for the international environment, answers a myriad of occupational questions, and gives directory information for overseas employers.

JobConnect: Students can access this jobs database through MyGFU. Opportunities for full time, part time, internship, student employment and other position openings are posted here. These are recruiter contacts that want to hire George Fox students and graduates.

OLAPC First Avenue Fair: Our annual career information and graduate school fair is held at the University of Portland’s Chiles Center each spring. It is hosted by the Oregon Liberal Arts Consortium, of which George Fox Career Services is a founding member. The web access is, where students can find nearly 150 recruiters registered by the time of the actual fair in April. Establishing virtual fairs could be on the horizon.

E-mail messages to Should a question come to mind at some odd point in time, your student can e-mail us and we will respond as soon as possible. I rather enjoy looking at the times some of the e-mail messages are posted and know for sure I was in the land of sugar plums. Students overseas for a semester use this avenue to help prepare their career planning upon return to the states.

Social Media Connections: Our office has a presence on Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn.

There, students can join us in information and photo sharing, event announcements, comments, questions and networking. It’s an intriguing way to be in the midst of a social, professional scene otherwise not available to us. Additionally, our goal is to guide and train your student in the most beneficial use of such avenues for networking.

Despite our programming progress in relationship to time and distance, we remain on campus to give the personal touch to a high-tech delivery system. We still hope to meet your student in real time and space also.

Bonnie Jerke, Director Career Services
Stevens 220, 503-554-2330