From the Executive Director

Tuition Freedom Day was held on Feb. 15 to educate students about the importance of philanthropic giving to George Fox University. All students and parents know that the cost of college education is significant and we honor the investment all George Fox families make! However, if it were not for the generous gifts of alumni, donors and friends of the university who fund scholarships, brick and mortar campaigns, new programs, equipment, and the university’s endowment fund, tuition at George Fox University would cost more than it does.

The concept of a “tuition freedom day” is symbolic. Because of the busy master calendar, we held the celebration in February. However the actual day when the average tuition cost is covered by gifts given by donors happens every year on a day in March.

The most important thing to us about this program is that we educate our students on the importance of past, present and future philanthropy at George Fox! Some day our students will be alumni, and we hope they invest in the mission and vision of their alma mater. That is exactly what is happening with the alumni who preceded your students on the campus of George Fox. Today they give because they believe in the importance of being known and being academically, experientially and spiritually formed on this campus – a place where young adults learn how to reflect Christ in the world.

Many students took time to celebrate philanthropy at Fox on Feb. 15. Here are some of the comments contributed to the Twitter feed on our website during the celebration:

“Thanks to the generosity of George Fox University donors …”
… I get to be a third generation student at George Fox!!!
… I get to go to a school where twice a week campus shuts down for chapel.
… I will not be in quite as much debt when I graduate!
… God is growing me spiritually and mentally through George Fox University!
… I’m the first in my family to attend college.
… I’m able to get a top education while being immersed in a diverse culture that spiritually enriches my life. Thank you for my support!
… I have scholarships based on more than just grades to help pay this very large tuition.
… I am able to have an amazing education, pursue my passions, and have a wonderful college experience.
… I can afford the opportunity to have small class sizes and a Christian-based education.

I’m proud to be in community with these students. They are people who are willing to acknowledge in gratitude the gifts they have been given to steward. I’m also proud to work at a place where alumni and friends invest in the future of emerging Christian leaders by supporting an ever-increasing student community at George Fox University. As the vision for this place grows, a strong philanthropic culture is needed. It’s exciting to see our students “get” this!

Sheri Philips
Executive Director of University Relations