From the Executive Director

From the Executive Director of University Relations

My daughter, Chelsea, and her husband have three little boys under the ages of 5. That’s right! They’re 4 ½, 3, and 6 months old, and these parents have their hands full! It is a joyous, demanding job and I couldn’t be more proud of how they are parenting these little ones. The other day, Chelsea and I were talking about the big goal of parenting – what she wants for her children at the end of the day. Although the answer is many-faceted, she and her husband want to raise children who are self-sufficient, have great self-esteems, and love and care for others. They are also raising them in partnership with Jesus, and they want their boys to know him personally.

I think self-sufficiency, healthy self-esteem, and the desire to love and care for others are great goals for all of our children. The learning trajectory begins when they are little. By the time they get to college sometimes we see these attributes begin to bloom, and sometimes we see our students really struggle with hurt and confusion in these areas. Fox is a great place to wrestle with these goals. The pressure of busy schedules, major life choices, pushing toward adulthood, and dealing with demanding studies and demanding friends tends to stretch, refine and build our students in ways we find amazing as they cultivate their abilities to be independent and treat themselves and others with love and respect.

Soon it will be the end of another demanding year for our students. Many of them are preparing to embark on travel programs with Juniors Abroad, May Serve, or other study-abroad opportunities. Most will work or intern through the summer. About 310 of them will graduate from Fox and enter the “real world,” as they like to say. Each year I watch the senior parents beam with pride and joy as they watch their students reflect on the world through new eyes and step out in confidence (for the most part) to do what they feel called to do. 

Don’t our kids move through the “growing up” trajectory quickly? My grandsons bring that point home to me each time I’m with them. It seems like just yesterday when my own children were that little! What do you want for your children at the end of the day? How can you support them on this trajectory? How can Fox support them? How can we support you? We welcome your feedback and ideas and always recognize that it is a privilege to partner with you on the journey.


Sheri Philips