From Parent Council


Well, it probably has sunk in by now. The laundry is a little less in quantity, the groceries are a little less expensive, the house seems to stay a little more organized and clean, and hopefully your spouse and you are able to carry on some conversations without quite so many interruptions. Ahhhhh!

But you’ve probably also noticed that there is a small piece missing – something out of place. In my life I call that the “ache of change and transition.” It is a mixture of joy, as God opens up new and wonderful avenues for our child, as well as heartache, as we miss the noise, spontaneous conversations and hugs, and yes, even the mess (at times) – basically the direct involvement in our child’s life.

As a long-time parent of multiple students at George Fox University – I have great news. George Fox is chalk full of opportunities to be involved. Here are just a few.

  • First off, join your student here on campus for Family Weekend 2010. It starts Friday, Nov. 5, with a holiday bazaar and concludes on Sunday, Nov. 7, with chapel. In between, there is a theatre production, concerts, delicious meals, sporting events, Family Bingo Night, chances to hear from faculty and administration, and an opportunity to get acquainted with the programs, tools and personnel of the Office of Career Services. This is definitely one of my favorite weekends to visit campus. The only advice I would give is to register early and make any hotel reservations needed, as everything fills up fast.
  • Visit the parents page on the George Fox University website. Here you will find all the information parents need. You can sign up for the monthly e-newsletter Parent Perspectives, learn about important announcements, view calendars for chapel and campus events, have accessibility to popular links on the Web, and read articles from administrators and Parent Council members.
  • Find opportunities to GIVE of yourself whether through service, time or finances. The prospects are endless. Contact Career Services to be a resource during career lectures or to provide internship opportunities; volunteer at Plant Services with your God-given gifts and talents (carpentry, landscaping, plumbing, interior design, etc); assist in outreach with the admissions office to share your experiences and make connections with future George Fox students/parents; contribute your financial resources through the University Advancement Office in the form of scholarship funds, the President’s Council, estate and planned giving, and designated opportunities.
  • The most powerful opportunity for you to be involved is through PRAYER. George Fox is committed to seeking prayer partners as well as offering prayer support. Again, the parents page on the university’s website has links that allow you to share your prayer requests. There are no words to explain the gratitude I feel knowing about the continued prayer on behalf of my student, his friends, dorm, professors, administration, as well as his academic and spiritual life. In March of every year, the campus holds Parents Day of Prayer, a special day where parents can come to campus or regional off-campus sites to pray for the university’s goals, vision, administration, faculty, students and events. I have had the opportunity to share in this remarkable day where we start in gathered worship, have prayer walks throughout campus, and conclude with small prayer groups to pray for specific requests. Powerful!

Again, this list is not exhaustive by any means. I encourage you to scour the George Fox website and contact specific offices to find your niche of involvement. But my strongest encouragement is for you to find a new avenue of direct involvement in your child’s life. Get to know their new friends and dorm mates, ask for their specific prayer requests and pray without ceasing, and then encourage and listen. You will be surprised: There will be spontaneous phone calls, unplanned visits home for hugs, and yes, most likely included will be multiple baskets of dirty laundry and a grocery list to boot. Enjoy!

Liz Kanen
Parent Council Chair