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From your SFS Student Account Specialists:
Payment for spring semester is due the first week of January. We recommend you review your "Payment Estimator," if completed previously or you can complete one now at For educational tax benefits we recommend you wait until January to make payment. (If paying monthly, although your first payment is scheduled for December, remaining payments generally are more than enough to maximize tax benefits for a given year. If concerned, you may pay your "December" payment, January 1st and your second payment by January 15th.)

To expedite the payment process students may visit their "Student Service Center" to set-up permissions so that parents, or others involved in the payment process, can log in to view unpaid charges online. From that same location, payment may be made 24 hours a day. We are happy to announce that there are no longer any fees charged for bank drafts (also called e-checks or ACH). You may simply pay online by entering your checking or savings account routing number (typically found on the bottom of your checks or accessible through your bank) and your payment is instantly applied to the charges. Credit card payment is available with a 2.75% additional fee. Cards accepted include Master Card, Discover and American Express. Unfortunately, VISA policies currently prevent us from being able to accept VISA.

We are also happy to announce that your student can now indicate in their "Student Service Center" that they want to access their 1098T online. If they make this selection, when the form is ready they will have access to it 24 hours a day and can easily forward it on to parents, tax providers etc... as needed.

Student instructions to the above "Student Service Center" settings will be distributed via our GFU "Student E-announcement" notification system.

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A - K Sandy Cherachanko
L - Z Dinah Steig

Changing grade levels after fall semester can often increase Federal Stafford loan eligibility.  Students who move from below 31 credits earned (freshmen)   to 31 or greater (sophomore) can have a loan increase from $3500 to $4500 for the year.  Students who move from under 62 credits to 62 or above (junior) can see an increase from $4500 to $5500.  Independent students who move between sophomore and junior levels can also have a $1000 increase to the unsubsidized Stafford loan.  Loan increases do not happen automatically.  Once the fall term credits are posted, students wishing to increase loan amounts for spring will need to make this request for additional funds in writing via email or campus mail.
A reminder regarding scholarship opportunities:  For Oregon residents is live and ready to receive applications.  Other sites to log onto are, and  There will be an opportunity for returning students to apply for 2010-2011 George Fox scholarships after the first of the year.  Our office will get the word out via e-announcements and email.  The scholarship application for returning students will be available from students’ My GFU student portal web site.
Filing the FAFSA for 2010-2011 academic year is coming up.  Beginning January 1, 2010 will be activated to receive your application.  NOTE:  Please have your student make an appointment with his/her Financial Aid Counselor if they are planning to be married during the 2010 calendar year prior to filing the FAFSA.  Financial Aid can be impacted if this is the case.  This is very important to have a quick review of current aid versus aid that may or may not be available as an independent married student.  Marital status cannot be changed once the FAFSA has been filed.

To contact your Financial Aid Counselor:

A-G        Chris Schlarbaum   
H-O        Marla Sweningson 
P-Z         Terri Crawford