The George Fox Experience

While I am not yet the parent of a college student, I am of a nearly three year-old boy. I've been told time and again to enjoy these years as they go by quickly. Before I know it, Daniel will, Lord willing, become a young adult looking for a college experience that will prepare him for the rest of his life.

What constitutes such an experience? From this parent's perspective, it is an education that would help him understand how the truth and beauty of art, science, music, literature, and the Bible can help him live a more meaningful Christian life. It is a place that would foster friendships that will encourage him to live that life long after his college experience is complete. He would gain preparation for the rigors of a market that will not provide him a job simply because he has a college degree. And he would love the Lord his God with a greater desire than when he begins his college experience.

I was privileged to have all of these experiences as a George Fox traditional undergraduate student. I am pleased to see evidence of them today, 20 years and a much larger student body later.

These dimensions are enabled at George Fox through the university's commitment to its students being known. Known by faculty, coaches, staff, and peers. Known for their successes and ambitions as well their failures and regrets. Known for who they are in the person of Jesus Christ.

We are grateful your student is here and has been able to partake of the George Fox experience. Such an experience is truly an investment of money and, as I hope to one day experience as a parent, faith. May your student's time prove to be preparation not only for a vocational calling, but also one that is so much more.

That has been your student's George Fox experience? I would be delighted to know. You can email me at

Brian Gardner ‘89
Vice President of Advancement