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February 2013



Taking a Day to Pray

Nanette Loverde, Parent Council
Chair - Spiritual Emphasis Committee

I have been a proud George Fox parent for nine years now and am currently serving on the Parent Council. I have a daughter who did her undergraduate and master's degrees here and is a current doctorate student, as well as a son who is in his senior year. Every year George Fox has a Day of Prayer. It is a day to focus on communication with our wonderful Maker, and to remember the gift of talking with Him and hearing his still small voice. I have had the great privilege of being a part of this day for the past seven years, and every year it has blessed me more than I can even say. Nothing brings me more gratification than knowing that I am covering my children and their surroundings and influencing environments in prayer. 




Mission Possible...Engineering at George Fox

Bob Harder, Professor of Mechanical Engineering
Chair, Department of Mathematics, Computer Science and Engineering

For the engineering faculty at George Fox University, living on mission is an essential part of their calling to serve Christ as both professors and ministers in the engineering program. This program distinctive fosters a transformational environment wherein students may be known personally, be grown spiritually, and become prepared professionally. The mission of George Fox's engineering program is "to prepare technically competent and broadly educated engineers for a life of responsible service informed by a Christian worldview." This mission guides the many program activities and experiences necessary for nurturing that transformation process. More...



Beyond College: Opportunities for Your Students 

Bonnie Jerke, Director Career Services

Graduate School: 13.6 percent of the university's traditional class of 2010-11 went on to graduate school full time. Your student could be one of those looking to expand their education. There are many opportunities that can be found on and other sites. Your student's preparation will include making a good decision as to why they want to go to grad school, selecting possible schools and then getting ready for the admissions process. A grad school timeline - readily available online - will serve them well as they embark on writing an academic resume (curriculum vita), cover letters, personal essays, obtain recommendation letters, and practice the admissions interview. Graduate school exams are a key part of the requirements, and there is a wide range of exams depending on the discipline. The Graduate Record Exam (GRE) is commonly used and valuable information can be found at More...



Have Dreams; Will Travel

Clint B.T. Baldwin 

Director, Center for Global Studies

Through the Center for Global Studies, we currently offer opportunities for students in 20 different countries and eight national destinations engaging a wide range of cultural, social, professional and spiritual instruction. Unlike some institutions, we never add programs simply to add programs. Each program we partner with undergoes a vetting process of approval by our faculty, site visits, and ongoing relationship maintenance. All of this is done to best ensure our students are further spiritually, academically and professionally formed through such semester-long experiences.




Be Known for the Difference You Make 

Mandria Montplaisir, Director of Annual Giving

In February, the Annual Fund team is busy as our student Phonathon starts the second half of its calling season. Our Phonathon Team consists of 13 student callers and two student leads who call alumni, parents and friends of George Fox University. The callers are student workers who have a passion for the university and its mission. On our team we have a good mix of students from Ohio to Oregon, with a wide range of majors (from social work to business) and co-curricular activities (from involvement in music to being a resident assistant).

Books on the Nightstand


Marcey Keefer Hutchison

Assistant Professor of Physical Therapy


How to Think Like a Horse by Cherry Hill

For those who love horses, own a horse or just want to know more about these beautiful creatures, this is a great read. Cherry Hill decodes the why and how of the mind of the horse and offers practical information on how to understand your horse from the horse's perspective. It's illustrated with helpful diagrams and pictures.


Chi Running by Danny Dryer

Competitive distance runner Danny Dryer combines the principles of Tai Chi with running to give the reader a new perspective on running form. This book takes the reader through the steps of incorporating the postures of Tai Chi into their running form with helpful drills and progressions. These techniques are biomechanically sound and focus on form and prevention of injury.


My Life in Paris by Julia Child

What girl could ask for more than a life in Paris? Julia Child takes the reader on her journey through post-World War II France. A delightful reflection on food, culture, and the life that led to Julia becoming the icon she was. Bon Appétit! 



Fred Gregory 

Director of Gift Development

University Advancement


I offer you three very different books for your reading enjoyment. They are totally unrelated, but have spoken to this eclectic guy who tries hard to be a follower of Jesus. I read for enjoyment, for my love of history, and for spiritual nurturing. I believe that all three categories of reading help me in my quest to be the man that I am intended to be, as I learn more about the creative genius of mystery and intrigue novels, history and spiritual-direction writers. Thank you, all!


Red Letter Revolution, What if Jesus really meant what he said? By Thomas Nelson, Shane Claiborne and Tony Campolo

I remember being curious about the red letters that I observed in some Bibles as a boy. I never had one of my own, but I thought it was a very cool way to highlight the words of Jesus in the New Testament. I always thought that Jesus' words must be important, and this was a great way for us to see them more clearly.


Something to Die For by James Webb

Most of my adult life, before coming to George Fox four years ago, has been spent working in war zones and other difficult places in the world. I worked in humanitarian work with the poor to help them find solutions to their poverty and marginalization. The setting for this story is in Ethiopia, Eretria and Djibouti - all familiar to me from my work in the region. I found the story and geographic descriptions intriguing because of familiar places I have known.


Stories of My Life by Irvin J. Wilhite,as told to Marilyn Wilhite Olsen

I am the son of a grandfather and grandmother - and father and mother - of the Greatest Generation, as Tom Brokaw has described this generation. Irvin Wilhite is of this generation and his story to me is good reading and a model for how to live life. Irv was and is a character who overcame the place in life where he was born, as did all of his six brothers. Being born into a family of meager means, but generous in spirit in South Dakota, was not a bad place. Irv and his brothers each took a different route with much extra creativity and effort to become as accomplished as they all were. To me, one of the most remarkable qualities of Irv was his ability to make and keep friends, through boom and bust. The relationships seemed to last through it all and were what mattered most. 





Debbie Berho

Associate Professor of Spanish    

The American Dream and Power of Wealth by Heather Beth Johnson.

She details how wealth in the U.S. dramatically increases access to quality education and other opportunities. 


Pagan Christianity by Frank Viola and George Barna

It is a well-documented book that traces some of the practices held dear for centuries in Christianity back to non-Christian cultural origins (such as the design of a church building being similar to pagan temples in Constantine's time). As a life-long, heavily-involved denominational church member, I found the ideas in the book challenging, yet some of them explained things I had been questioning or feeling uncomfortable about in our modern churches. Not for the faint of heart!


George Fox Day of Prayer - March 9
Parents are invited to join with other parents, students, alumni, and community members for George Fox Day of Prayer. There will be prayer on campus you can join in or for those who live farther away feel free to join in from wherever you are. For more information click here.
George Fox Blazers Night - April 12
George Fox alumni, parents, and students will come together on April 12 to watch the Portland Trail Blazers take on the Oklahoma City Thunder at the Rose Quarter.
Tickets are $22 a piece. 
To register and purchase tickets click here
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George Fox Day of Prayer
March 9, 2013
Spring Break
March 23-31, 2013
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Spiritual Life



Chapels on Monday's and Wednesday's are held from 10:40 to 11:30 a.m. in Bauman Auditorium. Chapel and other programs can be found online in MP3 and video format.


To view a complete chapel schedule, visit the Office of Spiritual Life's website and click on Spiritual Life Calendar.

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