At the center of George Fox University's politics major is the conviction that Jesus Christ is the Lord of all creation--including politics. As such, majors are encouraged to think about the relationship between Christianity and politics in a thorough and systematic manner.

The politics major helps provide a solid liberal arts education that enables graduates to succeed in any field they choose. It also imparts specific skills necessary for public service, careers in government and politics, conflict resolution, graduate school, law school, and positions in private or nonprofit businesses that require knowledge of politics.

The major is designed to insure that all graduates have a solid background in the discipline, while at the same time allowing students to emphasize particular fields, such as: American Institutions, Law, Peace Studies, Political Theory, Public Policy, International Relations, and Comparative Government.

Mission Statement:

The politics program provides an excellent overview of the field of political science. Students are challenged to think about the relevance of their faith to matters of public concern in a sophisticated manner. Graduates have the skills necessary to thrive in a variety of career paths including law and graduate school, public service, business, and advocacy.

Learning Outcomes Objectives for Graduates:

  1. Excellent grasp of American politics, international relations, comparative politics, political theory, and peace studies.
  2. Think in a mature manner about the relationship of faith and politics.
  3. Read and think critically and analyze data.
  4. Write and communicate well.

Prospective students can get info about our politics major on our undergraduate admissions site.