Some student services are just too good to miss out on. While you’re at college, make sure to take advantage of all the amenities that come with your campus. Because let’s be real: When are you going to have a fitness center, chapel services, career advice and a tutoring center in your backyard again?

#1 Career & Academic Advising

College is a lot of fun, but it’s also a time to prepare for the next step in your life. The right classes, internships and career advice can make all the difference when you’re ready for the world of work. At George Fox, we encourage students to connect with one of our Career and Academic Planning Coaches in their very first semester. That way, you’ll be set on the right path to career success from day one!


#2 Spiritual Life

Don’t just grow your career skills – grow your faith! Hear from incredible chapel speakers, join a Life Group Bible study, volunteer for a service project or get plugged into a local church. You’ll find a close-knit community at George Fox that encourages bold questions, thoughtful love and purposeful living. So be sure to dig deep into the diversity of the Kingdom and learn from those journeying with you.


#3 RAs

Dorm life is certainly one of the most memorable parts of the campus experience. Your dorm hall can become your home away from home. RAs (Resident Assistants) are upperclassmen who have been there, done that, and it’s their job to be there for you and help you adjust to your new environment. Whether you’re homesick, looking for extracurricular activities, or simply want to hang out and talk, they love connecting with students in their care.


#4 Tutoring

Struggling with a subject or ready to level up your study game? Tutoring is a wonderful resource for all students looking for a helping hand. You can develop healthy homework habits, learn how to study for exams, get a second set of eyes to review writing assignments and so much more!


#5 Health & Fitness Center

Healthy body, healthy mind. No matter your athletic ability, working up a sweat on a regular basis can reduce stress, keep you fit and healthy, and help you stay sharp for that big exam. At George Fox, we have the Hadlock Student Center,
a beautiful new facility with three basketball courts, an elevated track, a fitness center, a rock-climbing wall, and even a rental center where you can check out items like paddleboards, backpacks and snowshoes for your next outdoor adventure.


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