The summer is nearly over and you’re heading off to college. You’re excited, relieved, anxious, optimistic, fearful ... or, most likely, some combination of all of the above.

Whatever your gut feelings about this new adventure, there are some things you can do your freshman year to set the table for a memorable college experience.

#1 Cultivate Relationships

An old Turkish proverb wisely states, “No road is long with good company.” The ancient Turks knew what they were talking about: You need people in your life. That said, don’t feel pressure to find your best friend during the first week of school. Relationships take time. Let them happen naturally.

#2 Stay Organized

Suddenly, you’re the master of your own domain. You will be tempted to let things slide, which will only add to your stress level. Minimize it by getting organized, making a plan, and sticking to it. One practical step to make it happen: Find an app that works for you.


#3 Find an Outlet

It’s important you find activities you enjoy to get your mind off all those assignments. You’re going to need to take breaks even though it maysometimes feel like you don’t have that time to spare. Play a sport. Paint. Find a new hobby. You’ll need something to help ease the tension of everyday life.

#4 Take Your Health Seriously

It will be easy for you to let your diet and sleep schedule take a back seat in the name of fun or freedom. Truth is,how you treat your body directly a ects your stress level. And it’s no secret that extra stress in your life is detrimental to your overall health. Get your sleep and exercise!


#5 Try Something New

College is a time to expand your horizons. Time to explore, investigate, ask questions, push yourself. Take a class in subjects that are new and maybe even a little uncomfortable for you. Audition for a play. Join an intramurals team. Run for student government. If you don’t like it, it’s not the end of the world. Try something else. And don’t be afraid to fail. The key is to learn from the experience and move on. You’ll be a richer person for it!

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