Working while being a full-time student may seem impossible. Somedays it feels like you have the extra time to work, other days not so much. If you find you need to work while going to school, consider first working an on-campus job. 

Not only is being on campus convenient, it’s also fun! Working on campus has many benefits that I personally believe everyone should take advantage of. It is my first year on campus, and I landed a paid on-campus internship halfway through the year, so if you are worried about not finding one, don’t be! 

Working on campus has been full of learning experiences and so much joy! If you can, definitely consider an on-campus job or internship. If you need more convincing, here are some of the reasons I would suggest you find work on campus: 


The biggest thing for me, and most other college students I know, is the need for flexibility. School life can be crazy, and there are weeks when your schedule changes or there are events you have to attend that keep you from maintaining a consistent work schedule. Campus employers are very understanding of the busyness of college and have been very flexible with me when I needed to make a change to my schedule. 

If you try your best to plan ahead and give your supervisor as much notice as possible of schedule changes, you should find you can work your schedule in a way that accommodates for your busy life. 

As well, because you can’t work more than 10 to 15 hours a week as a student employee, you don’t have to worry about being overloaded with work. In my experience at both on-campus jobs I’ve held, I was able to develop a schedule with my supervisor that worked with my busy school schedule. 

Overall, if you choose to work on campus your supervisors will be very understanding of everything you have going on, so work won’t have to be stressful. This is truly an amazing opportunity you should consider!

Gain Experience In Your Field of Interest

If you’re looking to build your resume or develop a portfolio that will help you land jobs in the future, many on-campus opportunities will allow you to do just that. No matter your major, you’ll find many opportunities to gain hands-on experience in your field of interest. 

For example, I am a business major with a marketing concentration, and I’m currently an intern for the marketing department. I’ve had the amazing opportunity to learn so many different aspects of marketing, trying various things like social media management, project management and research as I help with a wide range of projects. I’ve learned so much about marketing because of the hands-on experience I’ve gained in this role.

A Great Atmosphere with Great People

There is absolutely no doubt that you will be surrounded by some pretty cool people at any on-campus job you get. Everyone here wants the best for you, and that is evident in the way they treat you as an employee, co-worker, but above all, as a friend. 

You will get to learn and grow in a place of talented professionals who support you along the way. Giving you the guidance and instruction you need to perform to the best of your ability, the people working with you will help prepare you for work life outside of school. 

Start Making Connections Now! 

You’ll hear many times throughout college about the importance of networking! It’s vital to start building connections early on so you have people who know you well enough to recommend you for potential career positions in the future.

Your supervisor, as well as your coworkers, will have spent time with you watching the way you react to certain situations in the workplace, your work ethic, your enthusiasm, and how well you get along with others.

Not only will workplace leaders make great recommendations for future jobs, they will provide network outlets for you. They had to go through the same stage you are currently going through to build connections, so reach out to them about possible connections they have for internship and/or job-shadowing opportunities. 

Again, the people at Fox want you to be successful, so they will always be there to support you and help you grow!

Summer Jobs

I can’t forget about summer internship opportunities! Summertime is an opportune time to make some money for college, and you can do that on campus.  Not only will you be making money over the summer, you will be gaining valuable experience that will look great on your resume! 

Be Known

The most important thing to mention is you will most definitely experience the Be Known promise in the workplace. You will make friends who care about you and want you to be successful. I am very grateful to have the opportunity to work in such a caring environment.


Where can you find these job and internship opportunities? Check out Handshake and narrow down the search to on-campus to find some great opportunities at Fox!

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