Degree Completion Education (ELED)

The degree completion Education program at George Fox University offers a major to adult students who are returning to college to complete their undergraduate degree. Students can choose to pursue a multiple subjects endorsement (early childhood and elementary) or a single subjects endorsement (middle and high school).

The education major with a multiple subjects focus offers a 72 hour program consisting of a 42 hour core with 30 additional hours specific to the multiple subjects track. The education major with a single subjects focus offers a 72-73 hour program consisting of a 42 hour core, 6 hours of pedagogy coursework, and 24-25 hours of content-specific coursework. Upon meeting all academic and program requirements, candidates will be eligible for licensure in their chosen endorsement area.

This major is a unique alternative to the traditional method of pursuing a college degree. Courses are designed to meet the needs and learning styles of working adults. Classes are conveniently located and utilize a hybrid format of face to face and online learning.

Students study with other adults who share similar interests and concerns. Together they form an academic learning community, drawing from their own personal, professional, and technical backgrounds as they follow an intense program of classes and individual study.

Students who successfully complete the courses of their major program and the accompanying degree requirements such as general education and prerequisites are granted a bachelor of science degree in education.

The Degree Completion Elementary Education program offers the following major: 

Bachelors of Science in Education

Other degree completion programs are offered at George Fox through the Adult Degree Programs.