Degree Completion Programs


George Fox University's degree completion programs seek to fulfill the university's mission by providing students with accessible, high-quality educational programs that enhance professional skills and foster intellectual and spiritual growth.

The university chooses to fulfill this mission through the following schools offering degree completion programs:

School of Education

Department of Professional Studies

Course Structure

Courses in degree completion programs are taught seminar style. Students contribute life and organizational experiences in a cooperative learning environment. Simulations, discussions, and team projects are used to enhance learning. Out-of-class assignments include reading, research, and writing on selected topics. Programs include four-hour weekly evening class sessions and several Friday night/Saturday sessions. Practicum hours can be chosen as elective course credits for some programs.

The Department of Professional Studies offers its programs online and in the following locations:
  • Portland, Oregon
  • Salem, Oregon

The School of Education offers its program in Portland and Salem, Oregon.