Healthcare Administration Minor

Course Requirements

Students are required to obtain a minimum grade of C- in all courses taken for the minor.

Minor Requirements

Healthcare Administration Minor Requirements (18 hours)

Complete the following:

In this course students will develop a foundational understanding of the financial operations of healthcare organizations including coding, budgeting and financial reporting, and provider compensation. Topics will also include decision-making with emphasis on various payment models and third-party payers. This course will enhance the student's decision-making skills by utilizing case studies and practical applications to real world situations. Prerequisite: MGHA 427 Introduction to Healthcare Services.
Introduces the historical development and contemporary structure of healthcare services. Examines a wide range of delivery settings and providers, the role of government and regulatory bodies, sources of healthcare funding, and related current issues. Prerequisite: MGOL 401 Organizational Behavior.
In this course, the student will develop a strong foundation of healthcare laws enabling students to contend with legal issues facing administrators of healthcare organizations on a daily basis. Topics will include statutory laws, rules and regulations, patient rights, fraud and Anti-trust legislation and enforcement. Students will develop a solid understanding of the impact of relationships between the patient, payer, and provider on the American healthcare structure. Prerequisite: MGHA 427 Introduction to Healthcare Services.
Examines the evolution and structure of integrated healthcare delivery systems from the perspectives of quality, access, and costs. Explores issues related to urban versus rural settings, managed care, reimbursement, regulatory requirements, and institutional accreditation. Prerequisite: MGHA 427 Introduction to Healthcare Services.
This course will examine the theory and practice of leadership in healthcare settings and the critical knowledge and skills needed to be effective leaders in today's complex healthcare environment. Prerequisite: MGHA 427 Introduction to Healthcare Services.
In this course, students will be active participants in the changing landscape of healthcare reform. This class will province an analysis and evaluation of current political, social, domestic and international events that impact healthcare organizations. Students will develop a strong understanding of legislative and regulatory processes, social influence and the impact of international healthcare industries on American healthcare systems. Prerequisite: MGHA 427 Introduction to Healthcare Services.