Management and Organizational Leadership Minor

Course Requirements

Students are required to obtain a minimum grade of C- in all courses taken for the minor.

Minor Requirements

Mgmt and Org Leadership Minor Requirements (21 hours)

Complete the following:

This course provides an overview of the fields of organizational and management theory. It gives the student an understanding of the roles of management in fulfilling the mission and goals of the organization. Students are expected to apply management theory as they make decisions to solve organizational problems. Prerequisite: MGOL 401 Organizational Behavior.
Topics covered will enable students to analyze and interpret both historical and estimated financial data used by management to conduct daily operations, plan future operations and develop overall business strategies. Prerequisites: MGOL 401 Organizational Behavior, MGOL 403 Organizational Theory.
This course provides students with processes and techniques for conducting applied research in the workplace, evaluating various programs and initiatives at work, and acquiring data to create informed decisions. It helps students become familiar with the research process and with a variety of business research tools and techniques. Students learn how to define a problem and write good research questions, determine what tools and techniques are appropriate for different kinds of problems, find supportive information sources, assess their reliability, and critically analyze and summarize such information. Prerequisites: MGOL 401 Organizational Behavior, MGOL 403 Organizational Theory.
This research course focuses on using data as a tool to enhance decision making in organizations. It is designed for managers as users of statistical information to summarize and interpret data. The course covers descriptive statistics, associated decision-making, and the purposes of inferential statistical methods. Prerequisite: MGOL 401 Organizational Behavior.
This course introduces concepts and techniques for design, planning, and control of service and manufacturing operations. It provides basic definitions of operations management terms, tools and techniques for analyzing operations, and strategic context for making operational decisions. Prerequisites: MGOL 401 Organizational Behavior, MGOL 410 Financial Decision Making, MGOL 415 Data Informed Decision Making, MGOL 440 Human Resource Management.
In this course students examine policies and practices regarding employee planning, recruitment, selection, compensation, training, and development. Attention is given to current regulatory employment issues. Prerequisite: MGOL 401 Organizational Behavior.
This course explores leadership theories, models, and styles through an examination of current leadership literature and discussions of effective leadership practice. Prerequisites: MGOL 401 Organizational Behavior, MGOL 403 Organizational Theory, MGOL 404 Organizational Communication.

PMHS Majors only (replaces MGOL 412)

This course is an introduction to the basic methods of qualitative and quantitative research. Focus is on the basic concepts of scientific inquiry as applied to social services. Prerequisite: PMHS 421 Family & Group Dynamics.