ASPD 185 Academic Tutorial
1 hour. This is an individual tutoring opportunity designed to help students learn university-level academic skills. Students concurrently enroll in a designated LACC, ASPD, or major course, and the content, activities, and assignments for that course provide the content for developing academic skills including listening and reading comprehension, note taking, writing, vocabulary, speech, and study skills. (16 weeks, 1 credit) Prerequisite: Enrollment in a designated LACC, major, or other ASPD course.

ASPD 195 Professional Assessment
1 hour. This course is offered in lieu of ASPD 215: Personal and Professional Assessment, and is designed for students who intend to submit professional certifications and do not intend to submit personal essays. Students will develop writing skills by articulating specific learning experiences, producing specific learning outcomes, and submitting professional certifications to the university through the Prior Learning Assessment process.

ASPD 215 Personal and Professional Assessment
3 hours. This course is designed to help students articulate their personal and professional learning as applicable for prior-learning assessment. Students will develop writing skills by practicing various writing strategies to promote analytical thinking and effective communication. Course content includes the development of lifelong learning skills.

ASPD 226 Developing a Professional Online Identity
3 hours. This course examines the role of social media in professional online identity development and its potential impact on careers. Topics include: Personal Branding; LinkedIn; Social Networks; Blogs & Websites; Online Privacy; Social Media for Social Good; Social Media Management Tools; Social Media Ethics and Privacy. The course is designed to provide something for everyone, from the novice to the more advanced.

ASPD 280 Becoming an Exceptional Student
3 hours. For students who find the return to university-level work challenging, this is an intensive course designed to enhance a student's personal confidence through individualized instruction in study skills, methods, and tools used by successful college students.

ASPD 285 Selected Topics
1-3 hours. A scheduled class with topics chosen to meet the special needs and interests of students, faculty, or visiting professors.