LACC 101 Writing for Adults I
3 hours. A course designed to teach the basic components of the sentence and paragraph, composition techniques, critical reading and thinking skills, grammar and editing, basic research skills, and introduction to APA.

LACC 102 Writing for Adults II
3 hours. A course designed to teach the basic components of the essay, intermediate composition techniques, kinds of essays, intermediate research skills, intermediate elements of prose, and APA formatting and citation.

LACC 160 Introduction to Hiking and Backpacking
3 hours. This course is intended to introduce students to the skills and knowledge necessary to enjoy safe hiking and backpacking experiences. Specific skills include planning and preparation, choosing equipment and clothing, navigation, meal planning, managing risk, and using the wilderness responsibly and courteously.

LACC 162 Lifetime Fitness
3 hours. The course focuses on physical activity and the development and maintenance of good health. The goal of health and human performance is to develop physically educated individuals who have the knowledge, skills, and confidence to enjoy a lifetime of healthful physical activity.

LACC 170 Math for Adults
3 hours. This course will focus on problem solving using the mathematics of finance, probability, statistics, population growth, and a variety of mathematical strategies. Students will utilize calculators and spreadsheets to solve real world problems.

LACC 174 Earth Science
3 hours. This course will delve into topics of Earth Science: including Earth in space, the Earth-Moon system, the atmosphere, weather & climate, rocks & minerals, plate tectonics, the building of Earth's surfaces, and the shaping of Earth's surface.

LACC 201 Writing for Adults I
3 hours. An adult-focused course designed to build on student writing and research skills such as composition techniques, critical reading and thinking skills, grammar and editing, and basic research skills, and offer an introduction to APA formatting and citation.

LACC 202 Writing for Adults II
3 hours. An adult-focused course designed to build on student knowledge of essay construction, intermediate composition techniques, kinds of essays, intermediate research skills, and intermediate elements of prose, and teach advanced APA formatting and citation.

LACC 220 Religion and American Popular Culture
3 hours. This course will study the mutual influence and interaction of religion and American popular culture, focusing on themes in entertainment media, the internet, politics, sports, education, church, and civil religion. It gives attention to the ability to compare and contrast biblical Christianity with cultural expressions of religion.

LACC 221 U.S. in the 20th Century
3 hours. The aim of this course is to understand and evaluate important developments in the history of the United States during the 20th century. This course will give attention to the influence of selected events, trends, and key personalities in politics, religion, popular culture, and technology, and to their influence and application to the shape of our society today.

LACC 222 Writings of C.S. Lewis
3 hours. Once a self-described atheist scholar, C. S. Lewis has become one of the most widely read Christian apologists of all time. Best known for The Chronicles of Narnia and Mere Christianity, Lewis wrote more than 70 books in the mid-20th century. In this course, students will read a sampling of his nonfiction and his fiction as they explore the broader societal contexts and implications for Lewis’ life and far-reaching influence.

LACC 223 Social and Cultural Diversity
3 hours. This course is designed to encourage students to develop multicultural awareness and competencies for working with people of diverse groups in society.

LACC 224 Narratives of the Old Testament
3 hours. This course examines how the identity of Israel was shaped by particular narratives in the Old Testament. Students will discover the influence of the social, cultural, historical, and religious context on the narratives. Students will learn how the narratives convey theological concepts and explore personal application of those concepts.

LACC 230 Introduction to Art
3 hours. This class will focus on the artistic world of painting, drawing, and sculpture and what is considered fine art in general. Our examination of these media through aesthetic, historical and critical analysis will broaden our understanding, appreciation, and experience of art and its role in our lives. The course material will be brought to you through slide shows, films, field trips, and class discussions via the discussion board. Assigned readings will enhance your ability to "see the experience" art in a new light.

LACC 240 Facts & Myths of Social Media
3 hours. Social media is a term used to describe many online tools that make electronic social interaction possible. Through readings, video speakers, case presentations, and first-hand exposure to social media, this interactive course will provide students an opportunity to understand how social media is changing the way individuals think, interact, and engage. Students will explore the positive and negative effects of social media on the individual and on society.

LACC 241 Personality Theory in Everyday Life
3 hours. This course is a study of major theories of personality, including Freudian, Neo-Freudian, behaviorist, trait, and humanistic theories. An experimental dynamic will involve synthesis of important elements of theory, faith, and personal thought processes and behaviors.

LACC 242 Exploring Psychology
3 hours. This course explores the study of human behavior through a scientific and sociocultural lens. The foundational concepts included in this course are as follows: the history and major theories of psychology, disciplines in the field of psychology, biological bases of behavior, scientific method, sensation, perception, learning, memory, emotion, and motivation. Gender, cultural, and ethnic considerations are explored as they relate to understanding human behavior, perceptions, and emotions.

LACC 250 Managing Stress: Mind and Body
3 hours. This course incorporates a theoretical and experiential exploration of the causes and effects of stress physiologically and psychologically. Students will be introduced to physical, mental, and spiritual techniques to reduce stress and increase relaxation.

LACC 260 Contemporary Healthcare
3 hours. A study of our nation’s current health problems and concerns. Emphasis on health consumerism and current trends, diseases, the sanctity of life, and fitness. The goal is to develop an educated view on current health issues.

LACC 285 Selected Topics
3 hours. A scheduled class with topics chosen to meet the special needs and interests of students, faculty, or visiting professors.

LACC 295 Individualized Study
1-3 hours. Individualized study or supervised research in an area of special interest to the student which is outside the regular offerings of the major.